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 type(1) -- Writes a description of command type
    The type utility indicates how each argument would be interpreted if used as a command name. The standard output of type contains information about each parameter. The information provided identifies ...
 u(1) -- Displays a compact list of users who are on the system
    The users command lists the login names of the users currently on the system in a compact, one-line format. The usernames are in collated order.
 uac(1) -- Unaligned Access Message Control
    Most complex instruction set computers (CISC) can access unaligned data but only at a significantly reduced speed. Most reduced instruction set computers (RISC) do not attempt to handle unaligned acce...
 uil(1X) -- The user interface language compiler
    The uil command invokes the UIL compiler. The User Interface Language (UIL) is a specification language for describing the initial state of a user interface for a Motif application. The specification ...
 ul(1) -- Translates underlining for display on a terminal
    The ul command translates underscores to the sequence that indicates display underlining for the terminal in use, as specified by the TERM environment variable.
 ulimit(1) -- Sets or reports a resource limit
    This command sets, or reports, the limit on the size of system resources, as indicated by the option. [Tru64 UNIX] If neither the -H option nor the -S option is specified, the limit applies to both ha...
 umask(1) -- Displays or sets the file mode creation mask
    The umask command sets the file mode creation mask of the current shell execution environment to the value specified by the mask operand. This mask affects the initial value of the file permission bit...
 unalias(1) -- Removes alias definitions
    The unalias utility removes the definition for each alias name specified. The aliases are removed from the current shell execution environment.
 uname(1) -- Displays information about the operating system
    The uname command writes system information to standard output. This command is used primarily to determine which system you are using. The options cause selected information returned by the uname() c...
 uncompress(1) -- Compresses and expands data
    The compress command reduces the size of the named files using adaptive Lempel-Ziv coding. Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension while keeping the same ownership modes, ac...
 unexpand(1) -- Replaces tab characters with spaces or spaces with tab characters
    The expand command changes tab characters to spaces in the named files, or the standard input, and writes the result to the standard output. The unexpand command puts tab characters into the data from...
 unget(1) -- Cancels a previous get command
    The unget command lets you restore a g-file created with a get -e before the new delta is created, and therefore discard the changes (see the get and delta commands). The unget command lets you revers...
 unifdef(1) -- Removes #ifdefed lines
    The unifdef command recognizes nested #ifdefs, comments, single and double quotes of C syntax so that it can function correctly, but does not include files or interpret macros. The unifdef command rec...
 uniq(1) -- Removes or lists repeated lines in a file
    The input_file and output_file arguments must be different files. If the input_file operand is not specified, or if it is -, uniq uses standard input. Repeated lines must be on consecutive lines to be...
 units(1) -- Converts units from one measure to another
    The units command converts quantities expressed in one measurement to their equivalents in another. The units command is an interactive command. It prompts you for the unit you want to convert from an...
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