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 sh(1b) -- The Bourne shell, an interactive command interpreter and command programming language
    The Bourne shell is a command programming language that executes commands read from a terminal or a file. The Rsh command specifies a restricted version of the standard command interpreter sh; Rsh is ...
 show(1) -- show (list) messages (only available within the message handling system, mh)
    Use show to display the contents of the current message. You can specify alternative messages or folders by using the +folder or msgs arguments. If a folder is given, it becomes the current folder. Th...
 showfont(1X) -- font dumper for X font server
    The showfont command displays data about a font that matches the given pattern. The information shown includes font information, font properties, character metrics, and character bitmaps. The wildcard...
 showrgb(1X) -- uncompile an rgb color-name database
    The showrgb program reads an rgb color-name database compiled for use with the dbm database routines and converts it back to source form, printing the result to standard output. The default database i...
 shtrashcan(1) -- Attaches, detaches, or shows a trashcan directory
    The trashcan utilities (mktrashcan and rmtrashcan) enable you to attach or detach an existing directory, which you specify as a trashcan directory, to any number of directories within the same fileset...
 size(1) -- Prints the size of an object file and the sizes of its segments or sections
    The size command prints information about the text, rdata, data, sdata, bss, and sbss sections of each file. The file can be an object or an archive. If you do not specify a file, size uses a.out as t...
 sleep(1) -- Suspends execution for at least the specified time
    The sleep command suspends execution of a process for at least the interval specified by seconds, which can range from 0 to 2,147,483,647 seconds. Depending on system activity, the actual time of susp...
 slocal(1) -- MH receive-mail hooks
    A receive-mail hook is a program that is run whenever you receive a mail message. You do not invoke the hook yourself; it is invoked on your behalf by sendmail, when you include the following line in ...
 soelim(1) -- Processes .so requests in nroff input
    The soelim command reads the specified files or standard input and performs the textual inclusion implied by nroff requests of the form: .so file When these requests appear at the beginning of input l...
 sort(1) -- Sorts or merges files
    The sort command sorts lines in its input files and writes the result to standard output. The sort command performs one of the following functions: Sorts lines of all the named files together and writ...
 sortm(1) -- sort messages (only available within the message handling system, mh)
    The command sortm sorts all the messages in the current folder into chronological order according to the contents of the Date: fields of the messages. By default, sortm sorts all the messages in the c...
 spell(1) -- Finds spelling errors
 spellin(1) -- Finds spelling errors
 spellout(1) -- Finds spelling errors
 spike(1) -- Performs code optimization after linking a program
    Spike is a tool for performing code optimization after linking. It is a replacement for om and does similar optimizations. Because it can operate on an entire program, Spike is able to do optimization...
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