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 nroff(1) -- Formats text
    The nroff command formats text in the specified files for typewriter-like devices. If no file argument is present, nroff reads from standard input. An argument consisting of a single minus sign (-) is...
 ntp(1) -- query a clock running a Network Time Protocol daemon, either ntpd or xntpd
    The ntp command may be retired in a future release; use the ntpdate(8) command instead. The ntp command is used to determine the offset between the local clock and a remote clock. It can also be used ...
 objZ(1) -- Compression utility
    The objZ command takes a regular, read/write file in ALPHAMAGIC format as input and converts it to ALPHAMAGICZ compressed format. The compressed output file replaces the input file. When the -u option...
 oclock(1X) -- round X clock
    The oclock program simply displays the current time on an analog display.
 od(1) -- Writes the contents of a file to standard output
    The output continues until the end of the file. When od reads standard input, the offset and label operands must be preceded by a + (plus sign). If you omit the file argument and do not specify -A, -j...
 odump(1) -- Dumps selected parts of an object file
    The odump command dumps selected parts of each file that is specified. For details on the object file parts presented in the odump output, see the Assembly Language Programmer's Guide.
 optacon(1X) -- An X program for the Optacon II
    The Optacon II, a product of TeleSensory Corporation, is an optical-to-tactile conversion device meant to assist the blind in accessing visual information. The optacon utility was made specifically to...
 ostrip(1) -- Reduce the size of object files
    The ostrip command reduces the components of any object file based on the options that are specified. It is designed to work with any object file, that is, files, image files, and shared object files....
 pack(1) -- Compresses and expands files
    The pack command The pack command stores the specified file in a compressed form. The input file is replaced by a packed file with a name derived from the original file name (file.z), with the ownersh...
 packf(1) -- compress a folder into a single file (only available within the message handling system, mh)
    Each message in a folder is normally stored as a separate file. The packf command takes all messages from the current folder and copies them to a single specified file. Each message in the file is sep...
 page(1) -- Displays a file one screenful at a time
    The more utility reads files and either writes them to the terminal on a page-by-page basis or filters them to standard output. If standard output is not a terminal device, all input files are copied ...
 pagesize(1) -- Displays system memory page size
    The pagesize command prints the size of a page of memory in bytes, as returned by the getpagesize() call. This command is useful when constructing portable shell scripts.
 passwd(1) -- Changes password file information
    The passwd command changes the password associated with your username (by default) or the specified username. A password must have at least six characters and can be up to eight characters. If you ent...
 paste(1) -- Joins corresponding lines of several files or subsequent lines in one file
    Specifying the -d option or no options causes the paste command to treat each file as a column, joining them horizontally with a tab character by default (parallel merging). Using the -s option, the p...
 patch(1) -- Applies changes to files
    By default, the patched version is put in place of the original. The original file can be backed up to the same name with the extension by using the -b option. You may also specify where you want the ...
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