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 CSSM_DL_DataDelete(3) -- Remove data record (CDSA)
    This function removes the data record specified by the unique record identifier from the specified data store.
 CSSM_DL_DataGetFirst(3) -- Get first data record (CDSA)
    This function retrieves the first data record in the data store that matches the selection criteria. The selection criteria (including selection predicate and comparison values) is specified in the Qu...
 CSSM_DL_DataGetFromUniqueRecordId(3) -- Get data record (CDSA)
    This function retrieves the data record and attributes associated with this unique record identifier. The Attributes parameter can specify a subset of the attributes to be returned. If Attributes spec...
 CSSM_DL_DataGetNext(3) -- Get next data record (CDSA)
    This function returns the next data record referenced by the ResultsHandle. The ResultsHandle references a set of records selected by an invocation of the DataGetFirst function. The Attributes paramet...
 CSSM_DL_DataInsert(3) -- Create new persistent data record (CDSA)
    This function creates a new persistent data record of the specified type by inserting it into the specified data store. The values contained in the new data record are specified by the Attributes and ...
 CSSM_DL_DataModify(3) -- Modify persistent data record (CDSA)
    This function modifies the persistent data record identified by the UniqueRecordIdentifier. The modifications are specified by the Attributes and Data parameters. The ModifyMode indicates how the attr...
 CSSM_DL_DbClose(3) -- Close open data store (CDSA)
    This function closes an open data store.
 CSSM_DL_DbCreate(3) -- Create and open new data store (CDSA)
    This function creates and opens a new data store. The name of the new data store is specified by the input parameter DbName. The record schema for the data store is specified in the DBINFO structure. ...
 CSSM_DL_DbDelete(3) -- Delete all records (CDSA)
    This function deletes all records from the specified data store and removes all state information associated with that data store.
 CSSM_DL_DbOpen(3) -- Open a data store (CDSA)
    This function opens the data store with the specified logical name under the specified access mode. If user authentication credentials are required, they must be provided. Also, additional open parame...
 CSSM_DL_DestroyRelation(3) -- Destroy an existing relation (CDSA)
    This function destroys an existing relation of the specified type by removing its entry from the specified data store.
 CSSM_DL_FreeNameList(3) -- Free the list of the logical data store names (CDSA)
    This function frees the list of the logical data store names that was returned by CSSM_DL_GetDbNames.
 CSSM_DL_FreeUniqueRecord(3) -- Free data store memory (CDSA)
    This function frees the memory associated with the data store unique record structure.
 CSSM_DL_GetDbAcl(3) -- Get ACL description (CDSA)
    This function returns a description of zero or more ACL entries managed by the data storage service provider module and associated with the target database identified by DLDBHandle.DBHandle. The optio...
 CSSM_DL_GetDbNameFromHandle(3) -- Get data source name (CDSA)
    This function retrieves the data source name corresponding to an opened data store handle.
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