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 CSSM_DecryptDataUpdate(3) -- Continue the staged decryption process (CDSA)
    This function continues the staged decryption process over all data in the set of input buffers. There can be algorithm-specific and token-specific rules restricting the lengths of data in CSSM_Decryp...
 CSSM_DeleteContext(3) -- Free the context structure (CDSA)
    This function frees the context structure allocated by any of the CSSM_Createxxxxx context functions.
 CSSM_DeleteContextAttributes(3) -- Delete internal data (CDSA)
    This function deletes internal data associated with the given attribute type of the context handle.
 cssm_DeregisterManagerServices(3) -- Deregister manager services
    This function is used by an elective module manager to deregister its function table with CSSM core services prior to termination. This function is invoked by an elective module manager only when exit...
 CSSM_DeriveKey(3) -- Derive new symmetric key (CDSA)
    This function derives a new symmetric key using the context and/or information from the base key in the context. The CSP can require that the cryptographic context include access credentials for authe...
 CSSM_DigestData(3) -- Compute message digest (CDSA)
    This function computes a message digest for all data contained in the set of input buffers.
 CSSM_DigestDataClone(3) -- Clone a staged message digest (CDSA)
    This function clones a given staged message digest context with its cryptographic attributes and intermediate result.
 CSSM_DigestDataFinal(3) -- Finalize the staged message digest (CDSA)
    This function finalizes the staged message digest function.
 CSSM_DigestDataInit(3) -- Initialize the staged message digest (CDSA)
    This function initializes the staged message digest function.
 CSSM_DigestDataUpdate(3) -- Continue the staged process of digesting (CDSA)
    This function continues the staged process of digesting all data contained in the set of input buffers. The resulting digest value will be returned as part of the staged digesting process.
 CSSM_DL_Authenticate(3) -- Provide authentication credentials (CDSA)
    This function allows the caller to provide authentication credentials to the DL module at a time other than data store creation, deletion, open, import, and export. AccessRequest defines the type of a...
 CSSM_DL_ChangeDbAcl(3) -- Edit stored ACL (CDSA)
    This function edits the stored ACL associated with the target data base identified by DLDBHandle.DBHandle. The ACL is modified according to the edit mode and information provided in AclEdit. The calle...
 CSSM_DL_ChangeDbOwner(3) -- Define a new data base owner (CDSA)
    This function takes a CSSM_ACL_OWNER_PROTOTYPE defining the new Owner of the Data Base.
 CSSM_DL_CreateRelation(3) -- Create a new persistent relation (CDSA)
    This function creates a new persistent relation of the specified type by inserting it into the specified data store. The pAttributeInfo and pIndexInfo specify the values contained in the new relation ...
 CSSM_DL_DataAbortQuery(3) -- Terminate DL_DataGetFirst query (CDSA)
    This function terminates the query initiated by DL_DataGetFirst() and allows a DL to release all intermediate state information associated with the query, and release any locks on the resource. The us...
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