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 etags(1) -- Generates a tags file for the emacs or mule editor
    The etags program creates a tag table file in a format understood by the emacs editor. The program understands the syntax of C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, and Lisp source files. It reads the source files s...
 eucset(1) -- Sets and gets EUC code widths for the terminal
    The eucset command sets or gets the encoding and display widths of the Extended UNIX Code (EUC) characters processed by the current input terminal. EUC is an encoding method for code sets composed of ...
 evmget(1) -- Retrieves stored events
    The evmget command retrieves stored events and outputs them to stdout as EVM events. Events are obtained from a configured set of log files and event channels, using channel-specific retrieval functio...
 evminfo(1) -- Provides information about EVM
    The evminfo command writes selected information about the EVM environment to its standard out stream. The options determine the information to be displayed.
 evmpost(1) -- Posts events to the EVM daemon
    The evmpost command takes a file or stream of text event sources as input and converts them to binary EVM events. By default, the command then posts them to the EVM daemon for distribution. If the -r ...
 evmshow(1) -- Displays an EVM event
    The evmshow command is EVM's event formatter; it reads raw EVM events either produced by other EVM commands or stored in a file and converts them to display format for viewing. Events are read from s...
 evmsort(1) -- Sorts events
    The evmsort command reads and sorts a stream of EVM events. By default, events are read from stdin, and are sorted into ascending timestamp order. Sorted events are written to the command's stdout st...
 evmwatch(1) -- Monitors EVM events
    The evmwatch command subscribes to the events specified by the filter_expr and passes all events to its stdout stream as they arrive. Output is in the form of raw EVM events. If the -A option is speci...
 ex(1) -- Edits lines in a file interactively, with screen display.
    The ex command is a line-oriented text editor that is a subset of the vi screen editor. [Tru64 UNIX] The ex editor is similar to ed, but is more powerful, providing multiline displays and access to a ...
 expand(1) -- Replaces tab characters with spaces or spaces with tab characters
    The expand command changes tab characters to spaces in the named files, or the standard input, and writes the result to the standard output. The unexpand command puts tab characters into the data from...
 explain(1) -- Prints wordy sentences and looks them up in an interactive thesaurus.
    Each phrase found by the diction command is enclosed in [ ] (brackets). Because diction runs deroff before looking at the text, include formatting header files as part of the input. Before using the e...
 expr(1) -- Evaluates arguments as expressions
    The expr command reads an expression, evaluates it, and writes the result to standard output. Within the expression argument, you must separate each term with spaces, precede characters special to the...
 extract(1) -- interactive string extract and replace
    The extract command interactively extracts text strings from source programs. The extract command replaces the strings it extracts with calls to the catgets function. The command also writes the strin...
 f(1) -- Displays user information
    By default, information for each user on the host is listed. This information includes the login name, terminal name and write status (an * (asterisk)) before the terminal name appears (if write permi...
 false(1) -- Returns a standard exit value
    The true command returns a 0 (zero) exit value. The false command returns a nonzero exit value. These commands are usually used in input to shell commands.
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