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 vrele(9) -- decrement the use count for a vnode
    Decrement the v_usecount field of the vnode specified by vp. Any code in the system which uses a vnode should call vrele() when it is finished with the vnode. If the v_usecount field of the vnode reac...
 vsnprintf(9) -- kernel formatted output conversion
    The printf(), snprintf(), vprintf(), vsnprintf(), uprintf(), ttyprintf(), and db_printf() functions allow the kernel to send formatted messages to various output devices. The functions printf() and vp...
 vwaitforio(9) -- wait for all outstanding asynchronous writes
    The vwaitforio() call sleeps until all asynchronous writes associated with the vnode vp finish. This is used by functions that need to make sure that the writes they initiated have completed. The vwai...
 wakeup(9) -- process context sleep and wakeup
    These functions implement voluntary context switching. tsleep() and sleep() are used throughout the kernel whenever processing in the current context can not continue for any of the following reasons:...
 writedisklabel(9) -- disk label management routines
    This collection of routines provides a disklabel management interface to kernel device drivers. These routines are classified as machine- or architecture-dependent because of restrictions imposed by t...
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