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 texi2dvi(1) -- print Texinfo documents
    Run each Texinfo or LaTeX FILE through TeX in turn until all cross-references are resolved, building all indices. The directory containing each FILE is searched for included files. The suffix of FILE ...
 texindex(1) -- sort Texinfo index files
    Generate a sorted index for each TeX output FILE. Usually FILE... is specified as `foo.??' for a document `foo.texi'.
 tfmtodit(1) -- create font files for use with groff -Tdvi
    tfmtodit creates a font file for use with groff -Tdvi. tfm_file is the name of the TeX font metric file for the font. map_file is a file giving the groff names for characters in the font; this file sh...
 tftp(1) -- trivial file transfer program
    tftp is the user interface to the Internet TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol), which allows users to transfer files to and from a remote machine. The remote host and port may be specified on the co...
 tic(1) -- the terminfo entry-description compiler
    The command tic translates a terminfo file from source format into compiled format. The compiled format is necessary for use with the library routines in curses(3). The results are normally placed in ...
 time(1) -- time command execution
    time executes and times utility. After the utility finishes, time writes the total time elapsed, the time consumed by system overhead, and the time used to execute utility to the standard error stream...
 tip(1) -- connect to a remote system
    tip and cu establish a full-duplex connection to another machine, giving the appearance of being logged in directly on the remote CPU. It goes without saying that you must have a login on the machine ...
 tn3270(1) -- full-screen remote login to IBM VM/CMS
    tn3270 permits a full-screen, full-duplex connection from a UNIX machine to an IBM (or compatible) machine. tn3270 gives the appearance of being logged in to the remote machine from an IBM 3270 termin...
 top(1) -- display and update information about the top CPU processes
    top displays the top processes on the system and periodically updates this information. If standard output is an intelligent terminal (see below) then as many processes as will fit on the terminal scr...
 touch(1) -- change file access and modification times
    The touch utility sets the modification and access times of files to the current time of day. If the file doesn't exist, it is created with default permissions. The options are as follows: -a Change ...
 tput(1) -- terminal capability interface
    The tput utility makes terminal-dependent information available to users or shell applications. The options are as follows: -T The terminal name as found in the terminfo database; for example, ``vt100...
 tr(1) -- translate characters
    The tr utility copies the standard input to the standard output with substitution or deletion of selected characters. The options are as follows: -c Complements the set of characters in string1; for i...
 troff(1) -- format documents
    This manual page describes the GNU version of troff, which is part of the groff document formatting system. It is highly compatible with Unix troff. Usually it should be invoked using the groff comman...
 true(1) -- return true value
    The true utility always returns with exit code 0.
 tset(1) -- terminal initialization
    tset initializes terminals. tset first determines the type of terminal that you are using. This determination is done as follows, using the first terminal type found: 1. The terminal argument specifie...
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