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 tetris(6) -- the game of tetris
    The tetris command runs display-based game which must be played on a CRT terminal. The object is to fit the shapes together forming complete rows, which then vanish. When the shapes fill up to the top...
 trek(6) -- trekkie game
    trek is a game of space glory and war. Below is a summary of commands. For complete documentation, see Trek by Eric Allman. If a filename is given, a log of the game is written onto that file. If the ...
 wargames(6) -- shall we play a game?
    ``Shall we play a game?'' -- computer, wargames Just like in the movie, the computer will happily play a game with you. The likelihood of Global Thermonuclear Warfare resulting is much smaller....
 worm(6) -- Play the growing worm game
    In , you are a little worm, your body is the "o"'s on the screen and your head is the "@". You move with the hjkl keys and the arrow keys (as in the game snake). If you don't press any keys, you...
 worms(6) -- animate worms on a display terminal
    A UNIX version of the DEC-2136 program ``worms''. The options are as follows: -f Makes a ``field'' for the worm(s) to eat. -t Makes each worm leave a trail behind it. -d Specifies a delay, in mill...
 wtf(6) -- translates acronyms for you
    The wtf utility displays the expansion of the acronyms specified on the command line. If the acronym is unknown, wtf will check to see if the acronym is known by the whatis(1) command. If ``is'' is ...
 wump(6) -- hunt the wumpus in an underground cave
    The game wump is based on a fantasy game first presented in the pages of People's Computer Company in 1973. In Hunt the Wumpus you are placed in a cave built of many different rooms, all interconnect...
 groff(7) -- a short reference for the GNU roff language
    groff stands for GNU roff and is the free implementation of the roff type-setting system. See roff(7) for a survey and the background of the groff system. This document gives only short descriptions o...
 groff_char(7) -- groff character names
    This manual page lists the standard groff input characters. Only the characters that are available for the device that is being used to print or view this manual page will be displayed (the device cur...
 groff_man(7) -- groff `man' macros to support generation of man pages
    The tmac.an macros used to generate man pages with groff were written by James Clark. This document provides a brief summary of the use of each macro in that package.
 groff_markup(7) -- groff macros for authoring web pages
    This manual page describes the GNU -markup macros, which is part of the groff document formatting system. The manual page is very a basic guide, and the html device driver (grohtml) is still very alph...
 groff_mm(7) -- groff mm macros
    The groff mm macros are intended to be compatible with the DWB mm macros with the following limitations: +o no Bell Labs localisms implemented. +o the macros OK and PM is not implemented. +o groff mm ...
 groff_mmse(7) --
 groff_ms(7) -- groff ms macros
    This manual page describes the GNU version of the ms macros, which is part of the groff document formatting system. The groff ms macros are intended to be compatible with the documented behaviour of t...
 groff_msafer(7) -- groff -msafer macros
    The -msafer macros remove the open, opena, pso, sy, and pi requests. These macros should be used when processing input from an untrustworthy source. For maximum safety, they should be the first -m opt...
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