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 canfield(6) -- the solitaire card game canfield
    If you have never played solitaire before, it is recommended that you consult a solitaire instruction book. In Canfield, tableau cards may be built on each other downward in alternate colors. An entir...
 countmail(6) -- be obnoxious about how much mail you have
    The countmail program counts your mail and tells you about it rather obnoxiously.
 cribbage(6) -- the card game cribbage
    cribbage plays the card game cribbage, with the program playing one hand and the user the other. The program will initially ask the user if the rules of the game are needed - if so, it will print out ...
 factor(6) -- factor a number, generate primes
    The factor utility will factor integers between -2147483648 and 2147483647 inclusive. When a number is factored, it is printed, followed by a ``'', and the list of factors on a single line. Factors ...
 fish(6) -- play ``Go Fish''
    fish is the game ``Go Fish'', a traditional children's card game. The computer deals the player and itself seven cards, and places the rest of the deck face-down (figuratively). The object of the g...
 fortune(6) -- print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
    When fortune is run with no arguments it prints out a random epigram. Epigrams are divided into several categories, where each category is subdivided into those which are potentially offensive and tho...
 gomoku(6) -- game of 5 in a row
    gomoku is a two player game were the object is to get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally on a 19 by 19 grid. By convention, black always moves first. With no arguments, gomoku will disp...
 hack(6) -- Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
    hack is a display oriented dungeons dragons - like game. Both display and command structure resemble rogue. (For a game with the same structure but entirely different display - a real cave instead of ...
 hangman(6) -- computer version of the game hangman
    In , the computer picks a word from the on-line word list and you must try to guess it. The computer keeps track of which letters have been guessed and how many wrong guesses you have made on the scre...
 hunt(6) -- a multi-player multi-terminal game
    The object of the game hunt is to kill off the other players. There are no rooms, no treasures, and no monsters. Instead, you wander around a maze, find grenades, trip mines, and shoot down walls and ...
 huntd(6) -- hunt daemon, back-end for hunt game
    huntd controls the multi-player hunt(6) game. When it starts up, it tries to notify all members of the hunt-players mailing list (see sendmail(8)) by faking a talk(1) request from user ``Hunt Game''...
 intro(6) -- introduction to online games
    This section contains various games and tools whose primary value is amusement.
 larn(6) -- exploring the caverns of Larn
    larn is a fantasy games in which your child has contracted a strange disease, and none of your home remedies seem to have any effect. You set out to find a remedy in a limited amount of time, and to c...
 mille(6) -- play Mille Bornes
    Mille plays a two-handed game reminiscent of the Parker Brother's game of Mille Bornes with you. The rules are described below. If a file name is given on the command line, the game saved in that fil...
 monop(6) -- Monopoly game
    monop is reminiscent of the Parker Brother's game Monopoly, and monitors a game between 1 to 9 users. It is assumed that the rules of Monopoly are known. The game follows the standard rules, with the...
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