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 ypbind(8) -- NIS binding process
    ypbind finds the server for NIS domains and maintains the NIS binding information. The client (normaly the NIS routines in the standard C library) could get the information over RPC from ypbind or rea...
 ypdomainname(8) --
 ypinit(8) -- NIS database install and build program
    ypinit builds the domain subdirectory of /var/yp for the current default domain. After building the domain subdirectory, ypinit builds a complete set of administrative maps for your system and places ...
 yppasswdd(8) --
 yppoll(8) -- return version and master server of a NIS map
 yppush(8) -- force propagation of changed NIS databases
    yppush copies updated NIS databases (or maps) from the master NIS server to the slave servers within a NIS domain. It is normally run only on the NIS master by /var/yp/Makefile after the master databa...
 ypserv(8) -- NIS server
    The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a simple network lookup service consisting of databases and processes. The databases are gdbm files in a directory tree rooted at /var/yp. The ypserv dae...
 ypset(8) -- bind ypbind to a particular NIS server
    In order to run ypset, ypbind must be initiated with the -ypset or -ypsetme options. See ypbind(8). ypset tells ypbind to get NIS services for the specified domain from the ypserv(8) process running o...
 ypxfr(8) -- transfer NIS database from remote server to local host
    ypxfr copies an NIS database from one NIS server to the local host by using the NIS service. ypxfr is generally invoked by ypinit or by ypserv, when ypserv receives a map transfer request from yppush....
 ypxfrd(8) --
 zic(8) -- time zone compiler
    Zic reads text from the file(s) named on the command line and creates the time conversion information files specified in this input. If a filename is -, the standard input is read. These options are a...
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