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 syslogd(8) --
 syslogd-listfiles(8) -- list system logfiles
    Sysklogd provides a modern mechanism to log system messages. This mechanism is controlled by the file /etc/syslog.conf. Messages are divided into logfiles which can grow quite big. Therefore the logfi...
 tasksel(8) -- a user interface for installing tasks
    tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select ones to install
 tcpd(8) -- access control facility for internet services
    The tcpd program can be set up to monitor incoming requests for telnet, finger, ftp, exec, rsh, rlogin, tftp, talk, comsat and other services that have a one-to-one mapping onto executable files. The ...
 tcpdchk(8) -- tcp wrapper configuration checker
    tcpdchk examines your tcp wrapper configuration and reports all potential and real problems it can find. The program examines the tcpd access control files (by default, these are /etc/hosts.allow and ...
 tcpdmatch(8) -- tcp wrapper oracle
    tcpdmatch predicts how the tcp wrapper would handle a specific request for service. Examples are given below. The program examines the tcpd access control tables (default /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hos...
 telinit(8) --
 telnetlogin(8) -- login wrapper for telnetd
    telnetlogin is a setuid wrapper that runs login(1). It is meant to be invoked by telnetd(8); the idea is to remove the necessity of running telnetd as root. telnetlogin should be installed mode 4750, ...
 termwrap(8) -- terminal wrapper
    termwrap is used to execute base-config(8) on newly installed Debian systems. It examines the environment, taking note of locale settings, and what type of console is available, and runs an appropriat...
 try-from(8) -- test program for the tcp_wrapper
    The try-from command can be called via a remote shell command to find out if the hostname and address are properly recognized by the tcp_wrapper library, if username lookup works, and (SysV only) if t...
 tune2fs(8) -- adjust tunable filesystem parameters on second extended filesystems
    tune2fs adjusts tunable filesystem parameters on a Linux second extended filesystem.
 tunelp(8) -- set various parameters for the lp device
    tunelp sets several parameters for the /dev/lp? devices, for better performance (or for any performance at all, if your printer won't work without it...) Without parameters, it tells whether the devi...
 tzselect(8) -- select a time zone
    The tzselect program asks the user for information about the current location, and outputs the resulting time zone description to standard output. The output is suitable as a value for the TZ environm...
 tzsetup(8) -- set the local timezone
    This manual page explains how you can use the tzsetup utility to set the local timezone. This is necessary to let your system know about the difference between system time and local time (the time in ...
 umount(8) -- unmount file systems
    The umount command detaches the file system(s) mentioned from the file hierarchy. A file system is specified by giving the directory where it has been mounted. Giving the special device on which the f...
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