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 efibootmgr(8) -- manipulate the EFI Boot Manager
    efibootmgr is a userspace application used to modify the Intel Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Boot Manager. This application can create and destroy boot entries, change the boot order, change the...
 elilo(8) -- install EFI boot loader
    This manual page documents briefly the elilo command, which was written specifically for the Debian distribution to simplify configuring and using the elilo.efi bootloader. There are two parts to elil...
 eliloalt(8) -- manipulate elilo alternate
    The eliloalt command makes it possible to coerce elilo to boot an alternate kernel configuration one time only, as when engaging in kernel development or debugging.
 elvtune(8) -- I/O elevator tuner
    elvtune allows to tune the I/O elevator per blockdevice queue basis. The tuning can be safely done at runtime. Tuning the elevator means being able to change disk performance and interactiveness. In t...
 exicyclog(8) -- program to cycle exim logs
    The exicyclog script cycles the main and reject log files. Each time it is run the files get 'shuffled down' by one. The mainlog file becomes mainlog.1, the previous mainlog.1 becomes mainlog.2 and ...
 exigrep(8) -- program to extract information from exim logs
    exigrep is a Perl script, provided in the util directory, that extracts from one or more log files all entries relevant to any message whose log entries contain at least one that matches a given patte...
 exim(8) -- Mail Transfer Agent
    Exim is a mail transport agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet. It is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public Licenc...
 eximconfig(8) -- interactive configure script for exim
    The perl script eximconfig asks you a series of questions, and writes an exim.conf file accordingly. It will destroy any customisation you have made to the configuration file, so you probably only wan...
 eximstats(8) -- exim mail statistics
    A Perl script called eximstats is supplied in the util directory. This has been hacked about quite a bit over time. It now gives quite a lot of information by default, but there are options for suppre...
 exim_db(8) -- program to maintain exim mailer hint databases
    Three utility programs are provided for maintaining the DBM files that Exim uses to contain its delivery hint information. Each program requires two arguments. The first specifies the name of Exim's ...
 exim_dbmbuild(8) -- program to build a database file for exim
    The exim_dbmbuild program reads an input file in the format of an alias file (see chapter 20) and writes a DBM database using the lower-cased alias names as keys and the remainder of the information a...
 exim_dumpdb(8) --
 exim_fixdb(8) --
 exim_lock(8) -- A program to lock a file exactly as Exim would
    exim_lock is a program to lock a file in exactly the same way as Exim would. It is intended for the investigation of interlocking problems, but can also be used to prevent Exim from modifying the file...
 exim_tidydb(8) --
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