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 bindtextdomain(3) -- set directory containing message catalogs
    The bindtextdomain function sets the base directory of the hierarchy containing message catalogs for a given message domain. A message domain is a set of translatable msgid messages. Usually, every so...
 bind_textdomain_codeset(3) -- set encoding of message translations
    The bind_textdomain_codeset function sets the output codeset for message catalogs for domain domainname. A message domain is a set of translatable msgid messages. Usually, every software package has i...
 bitmap(3) -- Define a new bitmap from a Tcl script
    The bitmap command lets you define new bitmaps. The bitmap can be specified as a list of data or a text string which is converted into a bitmap. You can arbitrarily scale or rotate the bitmap too.
 BLT(3) -- Introduction to the BLT library ____________________________________________________________________...
    BLT is a library of extensions to the Tk library. It adds new commands and variables to the application's interpreter.
 bltdebug(3) -- print Tcl commands before execution
    The bltdebug command is a simple tracing facility for Tcl commands. Each command line is printed before it is executed on standard error. The output consists of the command line both before and after ...
 bsearch(3) -- binary search of a sorted array.
    The bsearch() function searches an array of nmemb objects, the initial member of which is pointed to by base, for a member that matches the object pointed to by key. The size of each member of the arr...
 bstring(3) -- byte string operations
    The byte string functions perform operations on strings that are not NULL-terminated. See the individual man pages for descriptions of each function.
 btowc(3) -- convert single byte to wide character
    The btowc function converts c, interpreted as a multibyte sequence of length 1, starting in the initial shift state, to a wide character and returns it. If c is EOF or not a valid multibyte sequence o...
 btree(3) -- btree database access method
    The routine dbopen is the library interface to database files. One of the supported file formats is btree files. The general description of the database access methods is in dbopen(3), this manual pag...
 busy(3) -- Make Tk widgets busy, temporarily blocking user interactions.
    The busy command provides a simple means to block keyboard, button, and pointer events from Tk widgets, while overriding the widget's cursor with a configurable busy cursor.
 byteorder(3) -- convert values between host and network byte order
    The htonl() function converts the long integer hostlong from host byte order to network byte order. The htons() function converts the short integer hostshort from host byte order to network byte order...
 bzero(3) -- write zeros to a byte string
    The bzero() function sets the first n bytes of the byte string s to zero.
 catgets(3) -- get message from a message catalog
    catgets() reads the message message_number, in set set_number, from the message catalog identified by catalog, where catalog is a catalog descriptor returned from an earlier call to catopen(3). The fo...
 catopen(3) -- open/close a message catalog
    catopen() opens a message catalog and returns a catalog descriptor. name specifies the name of the message catalog to be opened. If name specifies and absolute path, (i.e. contains a `/') then name s...
 cbrt(3) -- cube root function
    The cbrt() function returns the cube root of x. This function cannot fail; every representable real value has a representable real cube root.
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