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 shmop(2) -- shared memory operations
    The function shmat attaches the shared memory segment identified by shmid to the data segment of the calling process. The attaching address is specified by shmaddr with one of the following criteria: ...
 shutdown(2) -- shut down part of a full-duplex connection
    The shutdown call causes all or part of a full-duplex connection on the socket associated with s to be shut down. If how is 0, further receives will be disallowed. If how is 1, further sends will be d...
 sigaction(2) -- POSIX signal handling functions.
    The sigaction system call is used to change the action taken by a process on receipt of a specific signal. signum specifies the signal and can be any valid signal except SIGKILL and SIGSTOP. If act is...
 sigblock(2) -- manipulate the signal mask
    This interface is made obsolete by sigprocmask(2). The sigblock system call adds the signals specified in mask to the set of signals currently being blocked from delivery. The sigsetmask system call r...
 signal(2) -- ANSI C signal handling
    The signal() system call installs a new signal handler for the signal with number signum. The signal handler is set to sighandler which may be a user specified function, or either SIG_IGN or SIG_DFL. ...
 sigpause(2) -- atomically release blocked signals and wait for interrupt
    This interface is made obsolete by sigsuspend(2). sigpause assigns sigmask to the set of masked signals and then waits for a signal to arrive; on return the set of masked signals is restored. sigmask ...
 sigreturn(2) -- return from signal handler and cleanup stack frame
    When the Linux kernel creates the stack frame for a signal handler, a call to sigreturn is inserted into the stack frame so that the the signal handler will call sigreturn upon return. This inserted c...
 sigvec(2) -- BSD software signal facilities
    This interface is made obsolete by sigaction(2). Under Linux sigvec is #define'd to sigaction, and provides at best a rough approximation of the BSD sigvec interface.
 socket(2) -- create an endpoint for communication
    Socket creates an endpoint for communication and returns a descriptor. The domain parameter specifies a communication domain; this selects the protocol family which will be used for communication. The...
 socketcall(2) -- socket system calls
    socketcall is a common kernel entry point for the socket system calls. call determines which socket function to invoke. args points to a block containing the actual arguments, which are passed through...
 socketpair(2) -- create a pair of connected sockets
    The call creates an unnamed pair of connected sockets in the specified domain d, of the specified type, and using the optionally specified protocol. The descriptors used in referencing the new sockets...
 stat(2) -- get file status
    These functions return information about the specified file. You do not need any access rights to the file to get this information but you need search rights to all directories named in the path leadi...
 statfs(2) -- get file system statistics
    statfs returns information about a mounted file system. path is the path name of any file within the mounted filesystem. buf is a pointer to a statfs structure defined as follows: struct statfs { long...
 stime(2) -- set time
    stime sets the system's idea of the time and date. Time, pointed to by t, is measured in seconds from 00:00:00 GMT January 1, 1970. stime() may only be executed by the super user.
 swapon(2) -- start/stop swapping to file/device
    swapon sets the swap area to the file or block device specified by path. swapoff stops swapping to the file or block device specified by path. swapon takes a swapflags argument. If swapflags has the S...
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