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 setmetamode(1) -- define the keyboard meta key handling
    Without argument, setmetamode prints the current Meta key mode. With argument, it sets the Meta key mode as indicated. The setting before and after the change are reported. The Meta key mode is specif...
 setterm(1) -- set terminal attributes
    setterm writes to standard output a character string that will invoke the specified terminal capabilities. Where possible terminfo is consulted to find the string to use. Some options however (marked ...
 sfconvert(1) -- convert between various audio formats
    The sfconvert tool can be used to convert audio files from one audio format to another. The files' audio formats have to be supported by libaudiofile.
 sfinfo(1) -- display information about audio files
    Given one or more input audio files, sfinfo displays information about the audio data and the sound file itself, like the file format, audio encoding, sampling rate, or duration. The file format must ...
 showcfont(1) -- displays all characters in the current screen-font.
    showfont uses successive switches of the Application Charset Map in 8-bit console-mode to have all 256 or 512 characters in the current font displayed on the screen.
 showkey(1) -- examine the scan codes and keycodes sent by the keyboard
    showkey prints to standard output either the scan codes, the keycode, or the character of each key pressed/released. The program runs until 10 seconds (or the amount of time specified by the --timeout...
 shred(1) -- delete a file securely, first overwriting it to hide its contents
    Overwrite the specified FILE(s) repeatedly, in order to make it harder for even very expensive hardware probing to recover the data. -f, --force change permissions to allow writing if necessary -n, --...
 size(1) -- list section sizes and total size.
    The GNU size utility lists the section sizes---and the total size---for each of the object or archive files objfile in its argument list. By default, one line of output is generated for each object fi...
 skill(1) -- report process status
    The default signal for skill is TERM. Use -l or -L to list available signals. Particularly useful signals include HUP, INT, KILL, STOP, CONT, and 0. Alternate signals may be specified in three ways: -...
 sleep(1) -- delay for a specified amount of time
    Pause for NUMBER seconds. SUFFIX may be `s' for seconds (the default), `m' for minutes, `h' for hours or `d' for days. Unlike most implementations that require NUMBER be an integer, here NUMBER ma...
 soelim(1) -- interpret .so requests in groff input
    soelim reads files and replaces lines of the form .so file by the contents of file. It is useful if files included with so need to be preprocessed. Normally, soelim should be invoked with the -s optio...
 sort(1) -- sort lines of text files
    Write sorted concatenation of all FILE(s) to standard output. +POS1 [-POS2] start a key at POS1, end it *before* POS2 (obsolescent) field numbers and character offsets are numbered starting with zero ...
 splain(1) -- standalone program to do the same thing
    The "diagnostics" Pragma This module extends the terse diagnostics normally emitted by both the perl compiler and the perl interpreter, augmenting them with the more explicative and endearing descri...
 split(1) -- split a file into pieces
    Output fixed-size pieces of INPUT to PREFIXaa, PREFIXab, ...; default PREFIX is `x'. With no INPUT, or when INPUT is -, read standard input. -b, --bytes=SIZE put SIZE bytes per output file -C, --line...
 strace(1) -- trace system calls and signals
    In the simplest case strace runs the specified command until it exits. It intercepts and records the system calls which are called by a process and the signals which are received by a process. The nam...
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