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 pdftotext(1) -- Portable Document Format (PDF) to text converter (version 1.00)
    Pdftotext converts Portable Document Format (PDF) files to plain text. Pdftotext reads the PDF file, PDF-file, and writes a text file, text- file. If text-file is not specified, pdftotext converts fil...
 perl(1) -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
    Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It's also a good language for many system...
 perlbug(1) -- how to submit bug reports on Perl
    A program to help generate bug reports about perl or the modules that come with it, and mail them. If you have found a bug with a non-standard port (one that was not part of the standard distribution)...
 perlcc(1) -- generate executables from Perl programs
    perlcc creates standalone executables from Perl programs, using the code generators provided by the B module. At present, you may either create executable Perl bytecode, using the "-B" option, or ge...
 pf2afm(1) -- Make an AFM file from Postscript (PFB/PFA/PFM) font files using ghostscript
    This script invokes gs(1) to make an AFM file from PFB / PFA and (optionally) PFM files. Output goes to fontfilename.afm, which must not already exist.
 pgrep(1) -- look up or signal processes based on name and other attributes
    pgrep looks through the currently running processes and lists the process IDs which matches the selection criteria to stdout. All the criteria have to match. For example, pgrep -u root sshd will only ...
 pic(1) -- compile pictures for troff or TeX
    This manual page describes the GNU version of pic, which is part of the groff document formatting system. pic compiles descriptions of pictures embedded within troff or TeX input files into commands t...
 pinky(1) -- lightweight finger
    -l do long format output -b omit the user's home directory and shell in long format -h omit the user's project file in long format -p omit the user's plan file in long format -s do short format out...
 pl2pm(1) -- Rough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm modules.
    pl2pm is a tool to aid in the conversion of Perl4-style .pl library files to Perl5-style library modules. Usually, your old .pl file will still work fine and you should only use this tool if you plan ...
 pod2html(1) -- convert .pod files to .html files
    Converts files from pod format (see perlpod) to HTML format.
 pod2latex(1) -- convert pod documentation to latex format
    "pod2latex" is a program to convert POD format documentation (perlpod) into latex. It can process multiple input documents at a time and either generate a latex file per input document or a single c...
 pod2man(1) -- Convert POD data to formatted *roff input
    pod2man is a front-end for Pod::Man, using it to generate *roff input from POD source. The resulting *roff code is suitable for display on a terminal using nroff(1), normally via man(1), or printing u...
 pod2text(1) -- Convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
    pod2text is a front-end for Pod::Text and its subclasses. It uses them to generate formatted ASCII text from POD source. It can optionally use either termcap sequences or ANSI color escape sequences t...
 pod2usage(1) -- print usage messages from embedded pod docs in files
    pod2usage will read the given input file looking for pod documentation and will print the corresponding usage message. If no input file is specifed than standard input is read. pod2usage invokes the <...
 podchecker(1) -- check the syntax of POD format documentation files
    podchecker will read the given input files looking for POD syntax errors in the POD documentation and will print any errors it find to STDERR. At the end, it will print a status message indicating the...
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