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 sysadm/verifyDisk(1) -- verifies disk surface and partitions as an option disk
    verifyDisk invokes fx to perform two verification passes over the disk surface, isolate any bad blocks found, and then partition it as an option disk with all usable space in one partition, partition 7. It is essentially equivalent to performing the operation fx -x -c VERIFY on the indicated disk.
 versions(1) -- software versions tool
    versions calls the programs showprods, showfiles, and (in the case of removing software with versions remove|removehist), inst. Users may wish to use these programs directly, instead of versions, since these programs provide a more complete and consistent set of capabilities. To find out what underlying command versions would execute with a given set of arguments, use the -V option ahead of other options, for example, versions -V remove ftn.sw pas.sw. The versions command has three functions: - ...
 vi(1) -- screen-oriented (visual) display editors based on ex
    vi (visual) is a display-oriented text editor based on an underlying line editor ex(1). It is possible to use the command mode of ex from within vi and vice-versa. The visual commands are described on this manual page; how to set options (like automatically numbering lines and automatically starting a new output line when you type carriage return) and all ex line editor commands are described on the ex(1) reference page. When using vi, changes you make to the file are reflected in what you see o...
 dmedia/videoin(1) -- Video Library video-in-a-window tool
    -t Title of displayed window. -v <n> The number of the video input node to connect to. -n <devnum> The number of the video device to be used. -f Disable forking. -F <fmt> Select video format. -d Print debug messages. -b Don't put borders on window. -B # Use # buffers for buffering video data between video input and the display. The default is 3. -A Display when source is available. -I Print node and path IDs for use with command line interface. -z <n/d> Initial zoom ratio numerator/deno...</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/videoout.1.html"> dmedia/videoout(1) -- Video Library video output from screen tool </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     -nocontrol Don't map controls window. -borderwidth Set width of window border to bw. -n Use video device number devnum. -h Display usage message and exit. -o Use output node number outputnodenum. -I Print node and path IDs. -f Disable forking. -geometry Specifies size and placement of the output window. See X(1) for details on the format and interpretation of the geometry argument.</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/videopanel.1.html"> dmedia/videopanel(1) -- Video Library control panel tool </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     None</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/vidtomem.1.html"> dmedia/vidtomem(1) -- Video Library capture single frame tool </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     -f <filename> Name of output file to be created. '-00000.<ext>' will be appended to the filename. If count is > 1 the subsequent filenames will be sequenced. -w Don't write frame to disk, simply capture and exit. -d Display frame in window on screen. -c <count> Capture <count> frames, up to the limits of the hardware for burst capture. -r [packing] Capture data in raw, device-dependent packing. When written to disk, the filename's suffix will indicate the packing. The optional packing parame...</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/sysadm/viewlog.1.html"> sysadm/viewlog(1) -- view the system administration log </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     viewlog displays the contents of the system administration log /var/sysadm/salog (see salog(4)) in a text window. For command lines in salog, viewlog displays the date and the command. For other lines, viewlog displays either Error:, Warning:, or Info: as appropriate and the message. Non-command lines are indented.</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/X11/viewres.1.html"> X11/viewres(1) -- graphical class browser for Xt </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     The viewres program displays a tree showing the widget class hierarchy of the Athena Widget Set. Each node in the tree can be expanded to show the resources that the corresponding class adds (i.e. does not inherit from its parent) when a widget is created. This application allows the user to visually examine the structure and inherited resources for the Athena Widget Set. This internationalized version of viewres uses the internationalized Athena Widget Set....</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/vintovout.1.html"> dmedia/vintovout(1) -- Video Library video output from video input tool </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     -n <devnum> Use video device number <devnum>. -o <outputnodenum> Use output node number <outputnodenum>. -v <inputnodenum> Use input node number <inputnodenum>. -I Print node and path IDs for use with command line interface.</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/vlcmd.1.html"> dmedia/vlcmd(1) -- Video Library command line interface </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     -h Print help message (command and arguments list).</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/dmedia/vlinfo.1.html"> dmedia/vlinfo(1) -- Video Library path, node and control info tool </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     -l List voluminous info about all controls on all nodes. -b List the info in brief format. (Implies -l ). -n <node name> Uses case-insensitve search on first part of node names to specify which nodes to list information about. -c <control name> Uses case-insensitve search on first part of control names to specify which controls to list information about. (Used with the '-l' option).</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/vmsprep.1.html"> vmsprep(1) -- VMS tape preparation aid </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     Vmsprep traverses hierarchies of files and prepares them for transportation to VMS. Since ANSI standard tapes (the VMS standard) do not allow hierarchy, this program provides a method of flattening the hierarchy onto a tape in such a way that it can be unpacked on VMS to recreate the same tree structure. For reasons best not described here, vmsprep will attempt to exclude all RCS and SCCS archives by ignoring all files or directories named 'RCS' or 'SCCS', or files starting with 's.' or en...</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/vout.1.html"> vout(1) -- composite video output control panel </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     The IRIS RealityEngine provides two video outputs: a RGB video output (which is normally connected to the graphics monitor), and a composite video output. vout provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to control the composite output. It also controls several parameters of the RGB video output. The composite output is available at the BNC connector labeled `composite', and at the S-Video connector. Both connections show the same signal. The video output is always a region of the graphics scre...</td></tr><tr> <td class="boxgh"> <a href="/man-pages/IRIX/man1/w.1.html"> w(1) -- who is on and what they are doing </a> </td></tr> <tr><td class="raw">     w prints a summary of the current activity on the system, including what each user is doing. The heading line shows the current time of day, how long the system has been up, the number of users logged into the system, and the load averages. The load average numbers give the number of jobs in the run queue averaged over 1, 5 and 15 minutes. The fields output are: the user's login name, the name of the tty the user is on, the host from which the user is logged in (generally the session's $DISPLA...</td></tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="boxg" align="center" > <form name="split_results_pages" method="get" action="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/"><a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-1"><<</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-86">[Prev]</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-67">67</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-68">68</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-69">69</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-70">70</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-71">71</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-72">72</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-73">73</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-74">74</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-75">75</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-76">76</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-77">77</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-78">78</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-79">79</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-80">80</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-81">81</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-82">82</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-83">83</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-84">84</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-85">85</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-86">86</a>  <b>87</b>  <br /><a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-88">88</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-89">89</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-90">90</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-91">91</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-92">92</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-93">93</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-94">94</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-95">95</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-96">96</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-97">97</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-98">98</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-99">99</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-100">100</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-101">101</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-102">102</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-103">103</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-104">104</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-105">105</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-106">106</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-107">107</a>  <a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-88">[Next]  </a><a href="http://nixdoc.net/man-pages/IRIX/page-466">>></a></form> </td> </tr> </table> <div align="center"> </div> </td> </tr> <!-- END ARTICLE CONTENT --> </table> <!-- end middle --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="boxg" align="center" height="10" > <!-- footer --> Copyright © 2004-2005 <a href="http://denixsolutions.com/">DeniX Solutions SRL</a> <!-- end footer --> </td> </tr> <!-- END --> <tr><td class="boxg" align="center" height="10"><a href="http://womsend.com/" title="email marketing service">newsletter delivery service</a></td></tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/KonaLibInline.js"></script> </body> </html>