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 limits(4) -- file headers for implementation-specific constants
    The header files and is a list of various limits on resources that IRIX imposes on applications. The limits in these headers fall into 3 main categories. Numerical limits These specify the maximum and minimum representable numbers for the fundamental "C" types (integer, float, etc.). Minimum resource limits These specify the minimum limits on certain resources. These are usually specified by either the POSIX or XPG standards. Many of these have higher actual limits that ar...
 linenum(4) -- line number entries in an object file
    The cc(1), f77(1), pc(1), and pl1(1) commands generate an entry in the object file for each source line on which a breakpoint is possible [when any of the commands are invoked with the -g option]. Users can then reference line numbers when using dbx (see dbx(1)). The structure of these line number entries is described in the Assembly Language Programmer's Guide.
 llc2template(4) -- Description of LLC2 configuration file
    lltune(1M). PPPPaaaaggggeeee 2222
 login(4) -- login configuration file
    The login.options file is obsolete. All login options are now set in the /etc/default/login file. See login(1) for details.
 loginlog(4) -- log of failed login attempts
 lvtab(4) -- information about logical volumes
    /etc/lvtab Page 2 lvtab(4) lvtab(4) SEE ALSO lv_to_xlv(1M), PPPPaaaaggggeeee 3333
 master(4) -- master configuration database
    A sample master file for a shared memory module is named shm. The module is an optional loadable software module that can only be specified once. The module prefix is shm, and it has no major number associated with it. In addition, another module named ipc is necessary for the correct operation of this module. *FLAG PREFIX SOFT #DEV DEPENDENCIES ox shm - - ipc shmsys(){nosys} shmexec(){} shmexit(){} shmfork(){} shmslp(){true} shmtext(){} $ #define SHMMAX 131072 #define SHMMIN 1 #define SHMMNI 10...
 miser(4) -- configuration files
    The miser configuration file is a list of the queue names and the location of each queue definition file. QUEUE system /usr/local/miser/config.system QUEUE physics /usr/local/miser/config.physics
 miser_move(4) -- resource transfer list
    An example resource list transferring a 2 CPUs 2 minutes in the future from queue user to queue user2 is
 miser_submit(4) -- resource schedule list
    An example resource schedule list for an application that requires 10 CPUs, 100 megabytes of memory, and 100 minutes of wall clock time: #resource schedule SEGMENT TIME 100m NCPUS 10 MEMORY 100m
 mload(4) -- dynamically loadable kernel modules
    1. Loadable modules must not have any dependencies on loadable modules, other than library modules. When a module is loaded, it is linked against the kernel symbol table and any loaded library modules' symbol tables, but it is not linked against other modules' symbol tables. Page 8 mload(4) mload(4) 2. Only character, block and streams device drivers, streams modules and library modules are supported as loadable modules at this time. 3. Old style drivers (devflag set to D_OLD) are not loadable...
 motd(4) -- message of the day
 dmedia/mpeg(4) -- MPEG compression format
    The MPEG compression format is supported by several developer and enduser products. Current support is limited to MPEG-1, Layers I/II audio, and systems streams with one audio track and one video track.
 mtab(4) -- mounted filesystem table
    /dev/root / xfs rw,raw=/dev/rroot 0 0 /dev/usr /usr xfs rw,raw=/dev/rusr 0 0 bonnie:/src /net/src nfs ro,hard,bg,intr,dev=1200 0 0
 mtune(4) -- default system tunable parameters
    /var/sysgen/mtune/* default system tunable parameters /var/sysgen/stune local settings for system tunable parameters /var/sysgen/system/* master system configuration files
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