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 seahaven(6) -- A solitaire game
    seahaven is an X implementation of a solitaire game sometimes known as Seahaven Towers, which I originally saw as a shareware game for the Macintosh. seahaven is a fairly blatent rip-off of that game.
 showmap(6) -- display the contents of the color map
    The frame buffer of the IRIS contains values which are translated into RGB values by a color map. showmap displays a square filled with patches of color, one for each color index. On 4D machines with more than 10 bitplanes, the -s option allows the user to initially startup showmap with a 32x32 array grid rather than the default 64x64 size.
 snapshot(6) -- save a portion of the screen in an image file
    snapshot reads an area of the screen specified by the user, and saves it in an image file. To use snapshot, place the snapshot button window someplace other than where you wish to grab. Then, with the input focus attached (i.e. the mouse is inside the snapshot window), hold down a modifier key (shift, ctrl) on the keyboard to maintain the input focus, and move the mouse to one of the four corners of the section of the screen you wish to save. Now press left mouse and continue holding it down whi...
 snoop(6) -- magnify and report on the screen under the mouse pointer
    Initially, snoop follows the mouse cursor, magnifying a part of the screen under the cursor and reporting pixel values for the point under the cursor. Snoop operates in several modes; these are controlled from the keyboard, the mouse, and a pop-up menu. If the graphics hardware does not supports RGB mode, some options will not be available. Specifically, only colorindex mode (Cmode) is available and double buffer mode is not used, so reading from the front or back buffers has no meaning. Since d...
 solidview(6) -- display the results of a finite element analysis program
    Solidview takes data calculated by a finite element analysis program and allows the user to interact with it. In its most basic form, solidview displays polygonal data and allows you to orient a cutting plane through the objects. The appearance of the models will vary depending on which 4D machine solidview is running on; on GT systems, the area outside the cutting plane will be semi-transparent; on systems that cannot do alphablending, the transparent area will be rendered in wireframe. Data ma...
 tex_cube(6) -- OpenGL texture-mapping demo.
    tex_cube is an OpenGL demo which texture maps up to six images onto a cube which may be rotated using the mouse. The luminance of the texture images is mapped to alpha values, giving the sides of the cube a semitransparent appearance. tex_cube accepts images in .rgb format. If no images are specified on the command line, an image is chosen from /usr/demos/General_Demos/tex_cube/data. The cube is rotated by dragging with the mouse. The cube may be given momentum by releasing the mouse button whil...
 tonews(6) -- convert an IRIS image into NeWS format
    tonews converts an IRIS image file to NeWS format. PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111
 twilight(6) -- twilight sky screen background
    twilight is a screen background (root window) that looks like the western sky as the sun sets (or perhaps the eastern sky as the sun rises). The screen background is smoothly shaded from deep black to azure to orange, and is topped with random stars and constellations. twilight renders using the GL into an imakebackground window. The range of colors is achieved by drawing two Gouraud shaded rectangles. The stars are simply random patterns of dots, colored so that they blend with the sky color as...
 unixfont(6) -- Convert Macintosh and IBM PC POSTSCRIPT outline fonts into Unix format.
    unixfont converts POSTSCRIPT typeface programs (printer fonts) from the special-format files used in Adobe's Apple Macintosh and IBM PC font packages into the format required by Adobe's Unix-based software (POSTSCRIPT interpreters and the TranScript product). The typeface must be licensed for use with the POSTSCRIPT interpreter to which it is to be made available from the Unix system. unixfont can also extract typeface programs and Adobe Font Metric (AFM) files from Macintosh and DOS filesyste...
 vroom(6) -- slot car racing in the future
    Vroom is a simulation of slot car racing in a futuristic setting. Vehicles compete against the clock and opponents by racing around any of several race courses. View vroom's on-line help facility for screen-byscreen game instructions. The game is played in two stages. The first stage is the qualifying time trials. During the qualifying run, you are racing against the clock with no other vehicles on the track. The best lap time of the three laps allowed is used to determine the starting position...
 vtc(6) -- vroom track compiler
    Vtc takes an ASCII file representing a vroom(6) race course and outputs an optimized binary file that vroom(6) can read. The first argument is the name of the ASCII file describing the race course as outlined below. The second argument is the name of the desired output file. Note that the output name should end with the .vct extension in order to be recognized by vroom(6).
 xmj(6) -- Mahjong game
    Xmj is a Mahjong game. Find matching pairs of tiles. Select a tile with the left mouse button. The tile is highlighted in reverse video when it is selected. When a match is made, the player is asked to confirm the match by hitting the left mouse button anywhere in the white background of the game panel. The bell is chimed when an invalid tile is selected or when an incorrect match is attempted. Five buttons to control the game are displayed at the top of the game panel. Help: Highlights next mat...
 YAODL(6) -- the 3D data format used by the powerflip demo
    Each set of curly-braces defines a scope. Names defined inside a scope are local to that scope and over-ride names in higher scopes. Names must be declared before they are referenced. A few more notes about syntax before describing the types more fully. There are two styles of comments allowed in a YAODL file; C-style (beginning with '/*' and ending with '*/' anywhere in the file) and Shell-style (beginning with '#' as the first character on the line and extending to the end of the line. C...
 alp(7) -- algorithm pool management module
    /* * This is a SAMPLE module that registers with ALP and performs * a one-message delay. */ #include #include #include #include #include static mblk_t *dely(); caddr_t delyopen(); /* * Our state structure. Keeps its own address and a pointer. */ struct dstruct { caddr_t d_unique; mblk_t *d_mp; }; /* * The name is "Dely". It has an open routine "delyopen" * and an interface "dely". */ static struct algo delyalgo = { 0, (q...
 arp(7) -- Address Resolution Protocol
    The following messages can appear on the console: arp: host with ether address %x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x is using my IP address x.x.x.x ARP has discovered another host on the local network which responds to mapping requests for its own Internet address. arp: ether address is broadcast for IP address x.x.x.x ARP has discovered another host on the local network which maps that host's IP address onto the ethernet broadcast address....
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