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 interp(6) -- gamma-corrected color ramp generator
    Interp makes smooth color ranges. Two color chips and a Gouraud-shaded polygon showing the shade range between them are displayed. To make a color range, start windows for showmap, cedit, and interp. Select the color at the lower (usually darker) end of the shade range and use cedit to set it to the desired value. Select the color at the top of the shade range and edit it as well. Now attach to (select) interp. Point to the lower color (usually on showmap). Press and release the left mouse butto...
 intro(6) -- introduction to games and demos
    The following error message (or something similiar) may appear when exiting out of the demos improperly: XIO: fatal IO error 131 (Connection reset by peer) on X server "localhost:0.0" after 44 requests (44 known processed) with 0 events remaining. Ignore this error message. The system has not been affected in any way. The proper way to exit out of demos is by : 1) typing the ESC key or 2) clicking on the right mouse button and selecting Exit from the menu Page 1 INTRO(6) INTRO(6) For more info...
 ipaint(6) -- Paint using bitmap images as brushes
    ipaint reads images from the specified image directory and then allows you to select an image with which to paint, continuously writing the image on to the screen while the left or middle mouse button is held down. Only image files that end in 'rgb' can be selected. The default image directory is /usr/demos/General_Demos/ipaint/data.
 istat(6) -- print the header information of a list of image files.
    istat prints the header information of a list of image files. x/ysize give the image's screen size in pixels; zsize is the number of channels in the image. An RGB image will typically have three channels, while a Monochrome image will use one channel. Min and max are the range of pixel intensity values in the image. Bpp describes how many bytes are stored in each channel of the image; either 1 byte or 2 bytes. Type of image can be NORMAL, DITHERED, SCREEN, or COLORMAP. Storage refers to the way...
 mag(6) -- pixel replication and magnification in a window
    Mag copies and enlarges areas of the screen. The mag program demonstrates pixel reading and writing on the IRIS. The area of the screen copied is chosen by the user with the mouse. The power of magnification is an integer value which must be entered into the command line. If no integer is specified, the default value of the power of magnification is 2. Operator control of this demo is strictly with the mouse. Mouse buttons Function left pick area on screen under cursor right mag pop-up menu It i...
 mandel(6) -- display of Mandelbrot and Julia set images
    Mandel is a program for exploring the Mandelbrot set and displaying Mandelbrot and Julia images. The demo consists of two executables: mandel and mandelzoom. The mandel program does mandelbrot calculations and also displays the resulting images. By default, it does this on a single host. However, mandel is capable of connecting to remote hosts which can contribute to the calculations. For this to happen, the mandelzoom program must exist on the desired remote host(s). mandel can then cause the r...
 manwsh(6) -- display a man page and then prompt for input
    manwsh is a simple shell script used by the demos to display a man page in a wsh window; for example: wsh -c manwsh 6 insect displays the insect manual page in a new wsh window, and then pauses with the prompt " to continue" before exiting and making the wsh window go away. All arguments passed to manwsh are passed on to the man program; see its manual page for a description of all the possible options. PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111...
 mekton(6) -- multi-player networked game
    Mekton is a multi-player networked game. Players in the game pilot 15 meter tall humanoid robots("mektons").
 mousewarp(6) -- set input warping and repeat parameters
    These three commands affect the ``feel'' of the input devices and may be used to customize their behaviour to suit individual preferences. mousewarp sets the mouse warping parameters. min is the smallest raw mouse movement that will be magnified by mult which may be specified as a floating point number. Use "mousewarp 4 9.3" to greatly exaggerate the movement of the cursor whenever the mouse position changes by more than 4 pixels in one refresh period. The default is "mousewarp 4 2.0". If ...
 mview(6) -- Molecule Sphere Demo
    mview Is a demo of rendering methods useful for drawing molecules. Both atoms and bond structures are drawn. mview uses the sphere primitive of the Sphere Library for drawing the atoms. Various graphics features, such as accumulation buffer, line antialiasing, real-time, full scene multisampled antialiasing, and stereo in a window are configurable via a graphical control panel. When invoked without arguments, mview looks for data files in the current directory and in /usr/demos/General_Demos/mvi...
 newton(6) -- a physical modeling demo
    Newton is a real-time simulation of an elastic body. Command-line arguments will be discussed below, after a general explanation of the program. The body is made up of a number of atoms and springs. Atoms are points of mass for which the forces of gravity apply. Between some pairs of atoms, there are springs, which supply additional forces if their current length is different from their initial length. The specific spring equation used is not linear, but behaves close to linear in a narrow vicin...
 pointblank(6) -- armored vehicle warfare game
    Pointblank is the successor to BZ(6D). It is a combat game allowing users to play against several players in a networked environment. Much of the game play characteristics of BZ(6D) have been preserved while adding new elements of game play such as three-dimensional terrain, buildings, and flying vehicles.
 powerflip(6) -- spin 3D objects in a window
    powerflip is a replacement for the 'flip' demo, which was a replacement for the 'spin' demo. It will read 3D models from the named files, searching first for the model in the current directory and then in the /usr/demos/General_Demos/powerflip/data/ directory. If given a model argument of '-', .I powerflip will try to read a 3D model from standard input. See the YAODL(6d) manual page for a description of the 3D models' file format....
 redirect(6) -- run a demo with error output directed to /dev/console
    redirect is a simple shell script used inside the demochest program to make demos run from its menu print error messages to the console window. It is not meant to be run interactively. PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111
 scrsave(6) -- save a part of the screen in an image file
    scrsave saves a portion of the screen into either an RGB or a Black and White image file. scrsave with no other arguments than the output filename will save the contents of the entire screen to an IRIS image file. By giving additional arguments a smaller region of the screen can be saved. scrsave dump.rgb 0 99 0 99 saves a 100 pixel by 100 pixel square in the lower left hand corner of the screen. When invoked, the -b option will save the screen data as a Black and White (1 byte per pixel deep) i...
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