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 varargs(5) -- variable argument list
    This set of macros provides a means of writing portable procedures that accept variable argument lists. Routines having variable argument lists (such as printf(3)) that do not use varargs are inherently nonportable, since different machines use different argument passing conventions. PLEASE NOTE: varargs is being supplanted by stdarg(5). Users should reference that man page for the recommended method of passing variable argument lists. va_alist is used in a function header to declare a variable ...
 wstat(5) -- wait status
    When a process waits for status from its children via either the wait or waitpid function, the status returned may be evaluated with the following macros, defined in sys/wait.h. These macros evaluate to integral expressions. The stat argument to these macros is the integer value returned from wait or waitpid. WIFEXITED(stat) Evaluates to a non-zero value if status was ...
 amesh(6) -- audio spectrum analyzer
    amesh computes an estimation of the spectrum of an audio input every frame and displays a 3D graph of the last 25 frames in a window. The frequencies range from 0 Hz on the left to half the input sampling rate on the right. The audio source should be selected using the audio control panel, and the input gain should be adjusted to get a reasonable input level. amesh does not copy the audio input to the output. Holding down the middle mouse button acts as a track-ball interface to change the viewi...
 bgpaste(6) -- paste an image onto the root window
    bgpaste works in one of two distinct ways: either feed it one image, which by default is automatically centered (or explicitly specify the image's origin), or feed it a list of one or more images preceeded by their respective x/y origins to be painted as a composite in the root window. In the first case, bgpaste centers and pastes inimage onto the root window regardless of inimage's size. You can override the "centering" default and explicitly position your own image manually by using the -o...
 blast(6) -- 3D space war game
    blast is an interactive 3D game where the user destroys asteroids to gain points. There are several large asteroids in orbit around a small protoplanet. From your space station base, you must venture out and shoot these asteroids to break them into smaller pieces without colliding into either the asteroids or the proto-planet. Watch out for the alien ship that fires back at you! Destroy this ship before it destroys you. (All divestments, embargoes, blockades, economic sanctions, and other politi...
 buttonfly(6) -- a pretty user interface for Silicon Graphics demos
    Buttonfly is a user reconfigurable, hierarchical, graphical menu system. Buttonfly opens up a window and displays one or more buttons, each with its own title. Moving the mouse pointer over a button and pressing the left mouse button selects that button, and will cause it to either execute UNIX commands (such as running a program) or fly forward and flip over, exposing one or more new buttons. Each of the newly exposed buttons may also be selected to either execute UNIX commands or expose a new ...
 bz(6) -- a tank game
    Bz is a tank game allowing users to play against several players in a networked environment or against the computer in a solitaire mode. The view displays the cockpit and a view of the outside world. The world is made up of a playing field that contains several obstacles and a forcefield boundary. In multi-player mode, four types of tanks are currently available. You can select a tank upon startup and whenever you are killed. Each tank has a different point value associated with it. You are awar...
 bzflag(6) -- a tank battle game
    is a multi-player tank battle game that allows users to play against each other in a networked environment. There are five teams: red, green, blue, purple and rogue (rogue tanks are black). Destroying a player on another team scores a win, while being destroyed or destroying a teammate scores a loss. Individual and team scores are tallied and displayed whenever you are dead or paused. Your score and your team's score are always displayed on the control panel. Rogues have no teammates (not even ...
 bzflagrc(6) -- bzflag resource database
    ./.bzflagrc $HOME/.bzflagrc /usr/demos/General_Demos/bzflag/data/bzflagrc Defines named resources for hosts, game styles, and graphics systems.
 bzfs(6) -- bzflag game server
    Bzfs is the server for bzflag, and it must be running to play. It can be run on any system on the network (including a player's system or one without graphics). Terminating the server terminates the game in progress.
 bzlogo(6) -- convert SGI images to the logo format for bz
    Bzlogo converts an SGI RGB image file to a format that bz(6D) can load. The stepsize option allows some control over the refinement of the result. The default value is 2. If the program fails, try increasingly higher values until it succeeds. The left and right options indicate that the logo should appear as is on the left and right side of the tank, respectively, and should be flipped on the opposite side. This allows logos to be built that have a preferred direction with respect to the front o...
 bzviewlogo(6) -- display a bz logo file
    Bzviewlogo reads the logofile and displays it to the screen. Press the escape key to exit.
 bzwho(6) -- show a list of all current bz games and players
    Bzwho listens to the port used by bz(6D) for a few seconds and then prints out a list of the current players and games. The games are grouped according to the flag and key settings (see the man page for bz(6D) for a description). Player data includes the team type, score, and host
 cedit(6) -- edit colors on the screen
    The frame buffer of the IRIS contains values which are translated into RGB values by a color map for applications in color map mode. Cedit changes the mapping of any color index. Three sliders are displayed, along with a sample patch of the color being edited. Normal operation is to establish input focus by placing the cursor within the cedit window then press and hold the Alt key down. While continuing to hold the Alt key down move the cursor outside of the cedit window and click the left butto...
 clock(6) -- analog clock in a window
    Clock is a window manager graphics program which shows the current (machine) time. The current machine time is set after you boot up the system, when you go into multi-user mode. If the argument "dot" is used when invoking the clock (typing "clock dot"), a small, decorative dot covers the middle of the clock face. Selecting the Calendar menu button invokes the ical (1) program. Selecting the Alarm menu button causes the alarm hour hand to be displayed in red, and the alarm time to be display...
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