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 statmon(4) -- statd directories and file structures
    /var/statmon/sm and /var/statmon/sm.bak are directories generated by statd. Each entry in /var/statmon/sm represents the name of a machine to be monitored by statd. Each entry in /var/statmon/sm.bak represents the name of a machine to be notified of statd's recovery. /var/statmon/state is a file generated by statd to record its version number. This version number is incremented each time a crash or recovery takes place....
 strftime(4) -- language-specific strings
    Here are the contents of /usr/lib/locale/C/LC_TIME: Jan Feb ... January February ... Sun Mon ... Sunday Monday Page 1 strftime(4) strftime(4) ... %H:%M:%S %m/%d/%y %a %b %e %H:%M:%S ...
 stune(4) -- local settings for system tunable parameters
    /var/sysgen/mtune/* default system parameters /var/sysgen/stune local settings for system tunable parameters
 sulog(4) -- log of all su attempts
    /var/adm/sulog log file /etc/default/su defaults file
 syms(4) -- MIPS symbol table
    The following information applies to the IRIX 4 COFF symbol table and, for now, the .mdebug section found in 32-bit objects on IRIX 6. In a future IRIX release, the .mdebug section will be replaced. The MIPS symbol table departs from the standard COFF symbol table. The symbol table consists of many tables unbundling information usually found in the one COFF symbol table. The symbol table should be viewed as a hand-crafted, network-style database designed for space and access efficiency. The foll...
 dmedia/synthpreset(4) -- MIDI synthesizer preset file
    The current midi synthesizer identifies preset files via a string which must be used as the first line of the file. Following this is the word PRESET in all capital letters, on its own line: #Synth Preset v1.0
 system(4) -- system configuration information directory
    /var/sysgen/system/*.sm /usr/include/sys/edt.h
 sys_id(4) -- system identification (hostname) file
 term(4) -- format of compiled term file
    Compiled terminfo(4) descriptions are placed under the directory /usr/share/lib/terminfo. In order to avoid a linear search of a huge UNIX system directory, a two-level scheme is used: /usr/share/lib/terminfo/c/name where name is the name of the terminal, and c is the first character of name. Thus, att4425 can...
 terminfo(4) -- terminal capability data base
    terminfo is a database produced by tic that describes the capabilities of devices such as terminals and printers. Devices are described in terminfo source files by specifying a set of capabilities, by quantifying certain aspects of the device, and by specifying character sequences that effect particular results. This database is often used by screen oriented applications such as vi and curses programs, as well as by...
 timezone(4) -- set default system time zone
    This file sets the time zone environmental variable TZ. This file is read by init(1) after system boot up and all subsequent processes inherit TZ in their environment. Other variables than TZ may also be set in this file, for programs that are run from init. Some programs started by init reset all or part their environment, and therefore these variables may not be seen by all programs. The form of the variables is TZ =value Lines that are too long are ignored; in practice...
 ts.config(4) -- tape support configuration file
    The tape support configuration file is ts.config. This file defines the location of the personality-daemon binaries and the options available for executing the tsdaemon(1M) command. The tape support configuration file consists of statements and comments (optional). A comment begins with the # symbol and continues to the end of line. A statement consists of a name followed by a list of keyword parameters. The following statements are supported: o...
 ttytype(4) -- data base of terminal types by port
    iris-ansi console vt100 ttyd1 ?h19 ttyd2 ?h19 ttyd3 ?v50am ttyd4 ?v50am ttyd5 ?v50am ttyd6 ?v50am ttyd7 ?v50am ttyd8 ?v50am ttyd9 ?v50am ttyd10 ?v50am ttyd11 ?v50am ttyd12
 unistd(4) -- file header for symbolic constants
    The header file lists the symbolic constants and structures not already defined or declared in some other header file. /* Symbolic constants for the "access" routine: */ #define R_OK 4 /*Test for Read permission */ #define W_OK 2 /*Test for Write permission */ #define X_OK 1 /*Test for eXecute permission */ #define F_OK 0 /*Test for existence of File */ #define F_ULOCK 0/*Unlock a previously locked region */ #define F_LOCK 1/*Lock a region for exclusive use */ #define F_TLOCK 2/*Tes...
 uns(4) -- the Unified Name Service Architecture
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