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 ifl/pgm(4) -- portable graymap file format
    fitstopgm(1), fstopgm(1), hipstopgm(1), lispmtopgm(1), psidtopgm(1), rawtopgm(1), pgmbentley(1), pgmcrater(1), pgmedge(1), pgmenhance(1), pgmhist(1), pgmnorm(1), pgmoil(1), pgmramp(1), pgmtexture(1), pgmtofits(1), pgmtofs(1), pgmtolispm(1), pgmtopbm(1), pnm(5), pbm(5), ppm(5)
 pnch(4) -- file format for card images
 ifl/ppm(4) -- portable pixmap file format
    giftoppm(1), gouldtoppm(1), ilbmtoppm(1), imgtoppm(1), mtvtoppm(1), pcxtoppm(1), pgmtoppm(1), pi1toppm(1), picttoppm(1), pjtoppm(1), qrttoppm(1), rawtoppm(1), rgb3toppm(1), sldtoppm(1), spctoppm(1), sputoppm(1), tgatoppm(1), ximtoppm(1), xpmtoppm(1), yuvtoppm(1), ppmtoacad(1), ppmtogif(1), ppmtoicr(1), ppmtoilbm(1), ppmtopcx(1), ppmtopgm(1), ppmtopi1(1), ppmtopict(1), ppmtopj(1), ppmtopuzz(1), ppmtorgb3(1), ppmtosixel(1), ppmtotga(1), ppmtouil(1), ppmtoxpm(1), ppmtoyuv(1), ppmdither(1), ppmforge...
 privilege(4) -- privilege database
    Do not edit /var/sysadm/privilege by hand. The commands addpriv(1M) and rmpriv(1M) are provided for editing the privilege database.
 privilegedUsers(4) -- privileged user database.
    /var/sysadm/privilegedUsers should not be edited directly. Use the addpriv(1M) and rmpriv(1M) commands to administer privileged users.
 proc(4) -- process (debug) filesystem
    /proc is a filesystem that provides access to the image of each active process in the system. This was historically mounted as /debug. /proc does not consume any disk resources. This interface provides a richer set of functionality and replaces the now obsolete dbg(4), debug(4) interface. The "files" of this filesystem are of the form /proc/nnnnn and /proc/pinfo/nnnnn, where nnnnn is a decimal number corresponding to the process-ID. These files actually consume no disk space, and are only conv...
 profile(4) -- setting up an environment at login time
    All users who have the shell, sh(1), as their login command have the commands in these files executed as part of their login sequence. /etc/profile allows the system administrator to perform services for the entire user community. Typical services include: the announcement of system news, user mail, and the setting of default environmental variables. It is not unusual for /etc/profile to execute special actions for the root login or the su(1M) command. The file $HOME/.profile is used for setting...
 project(4) -- project membership file
 projid(4) -- project name to project ID mapping file
 proto(4) -- prototype job file for at
    When a job is submitted to at(1) or batch(1), the job is constructed as a shell script. First, a prologue is constructed, consisting of: o A header whether the job is an at job or a batch job (actually, at jobs submitted to all queues other than queue a, not just to the batch queue b, are listed as batch jobs); the header will be : at job for an at job, and : batch job for a batch job. o A set of Bourne shell commands to make the environment (see environ(5)) for the at job the same as the curren...
 protocols(4) -- protocol name database
    /etc/protocols If the NFS option is installed and NIS is running, the getprotoent(3N) library routines do not access this file.
 queuedefs(4) -- at/batch/cron queue description file
    The queuedefs file describes the characteristics of the queues managed by cron(1M). Each non-comment line in this file describes one queue. The format of the lines are as follows: q.[njobj][nicen][nwaitw] The fields in this line are: q The name of the queue. a is the default queue for jobs started by at(1); b is the default queue for jobs started by batch(1); c is the default queue for jobs run from a crontab file. The name must be a lower case letter. njob The maximum number of jobs that can be...
 quotas(4) -- filesystem quota subsystem
    Currently, it is not possible to enable quotas on XFS realtime filesystems.
 rcsfile(4) -- format of RCS file
    Author: Walter F. Tichy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47907. Revision Number: 5.7; Release Date: 1998/01/12. Copyright c 1982, 1988, 1989 by Walter F. Tichy. Copyright c 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 by Paul Eggert.
 resolver(4) -- host-address resolver configuration file (DNS/NIS)
    This file controls the behavior of then resolver(3N) routines in the C library. It is read by these routines the first time they are invoked by a process. The file is designed to be human readable and contains a list of keywords with values that provide various types of resolver information. The keyword and value must appear on a single line, and the keyword (for example, nameserver) must start the line. The value follows the keyword, separated by white space. This file is not necessary if there...
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