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 names_table(4) -- database of registered AppleTalk services
    The names_table file is created and maintained by the Name Binding Protocol daemon (nbpd(1m) (Reg.)contains the names of named AppleTalk services registered by the host users of the Name Binding Protocol services of the K-TALK/Host libraries. It should be removed whenever nbpd(1m) is restarted, for example, with the -S option of nbpd(1m). This file is not meant to be humanly readable, but its contents are decoded by the atservers(1) command....
 nbp_pid(4) -- process ID of nbpd(1m)
    nbp_pid is the file which contains the process ID of the Name Binding Protocol daemon, nbpd(1m). It should be removed whenever nbpd(1m) is restarted, for example, with the -S option of nbpd(1m). The file contains a single integer.
 netconfig(4) -- network configuration database
    The network configuration database, /etc/netconfig, is a system file used to store information about networks connected to the system and available for use. The netconfig database and the routines that access it [see getnetconfig(3N)] are part of the UNIX System V Network Selection component. The Network Selection component also includes the environment variable NETPATH a...
 netgroup(4) -- list of network groups
    The netgroup data is used only when the nsd(1M) daemon is running. It is supported in any of the protocol libraries included with Irix, but only one protocol may be used. Listing multiple protocols on the netgroups line in nsswitch.conf(4) is not well defined. Page 1 NETGROUP(4) NETGROUP(4)
 netrc(4) -- ftp auto-login initialization file
 networks(4) -- network name database
    /etc/networks If the NFS option is installed and NIS is running, the getnetent(3N) library routines do not access this file.
 dmedia/next(4) -- NeXT / Sun .au Audio File Formats
    The Audio File Library currently supports 13 of the commonly found audio file formats, i.e., is able to recognize, read, and write sample data and header information to and from files in these formats. It is important not to confuse sample or audio data formats with file formats. The former refers to the bit-wise organization of the sound samples in the file, i.e., whether the format is 8-bit integer or 16-bit unsigned, etc. Audio file format refers to the structure of the audio file header, the...
 nostickytmp(4) -- control temporary files
    /etc/config/nostickytmp /etc/config/nocleantmp
 notifier.config(4) -- sysmon configuration file
    This file should not be considered user editable. Syntax errors are not handled gracefully. See the release notes for sysmon for other issues.
 nsswitch.conf(4) -- name service configuration file
    This file controls the behavior of the name service daemon nsd(1M). It is read by the daemon on startup and is used to build a filesystem maintained by nsd typically mounted on /ns. The paths are of the format /ns/domain/table/protocol/key. Each nsswitch.conf file results in a domain directory under /ns. The /etc/nsswitch.conf file corresponds to /ns/.local, while each file in /var/ns/domains/DOMAINNAME/nsswitch.conf will result in a directory /ns/DOMAINNAME. The file contains a list of maps sup...
 opidebug(4) -- definitions for debugging FullPress programs
    This manual page gives definitions for the bitmask of debugging options that programs like opi(1m), fpod(1m) or imagetox(1) require when being run from the UNIX commandline. Most users will be able to turn on debugging for most FullPress programs from the GUI interfaces and can safely ignore this list. While all the FullPress programs will accept any of these bits (and any others not declared here), some of the bits are not applicable to certain programs. Hex bit The debug item it enables 000000...
 passwd(4) -- password file
    If the NFS option is installed, the passwd file can also have lines beginning with a `+' (plus sign) which means to incorporate entries from the NIS. There are three styles of + entries in this file: + Means to insert the entire contents of the NIS password file at that point. +name Means to insert the entry (if any) for name from the NIS at that point. Page 2 passwd(4) passwd(4) +@netgroup Means to insert the entries for all members of the network group netgroup at that point. If a + entry has...
 ifl/pbm(4) -- portable bitmap file format
    atktopbm(1), brushtopbm(1), cmuwmtopbm(1), g3topbm(1), gemtopbm(1), icontopbm(1), macptopbm(1), mgrtopbm(1), pi3topbm(1), xbmtopbm(1), ybmtopbm(1), pbmto10x(1), pnmtoascii(1), pbmtoatk(1), pbmtobbnbg(1), pbmtocmuwm(1), pbmtoepson(1), pbmtog3(1), pbmtogem(1), pbmtogo(1), pbmtoicon(1), pbmtolj(1), pbmtomacp(1), pbmtomgr(1), pbmtopi3(1), pbmtoplot(1), pbmtoptx(1), pbmtox10bm(1), pbmtoxbm(1), pbmtoybm(1), pbmtozinc(1), pbmlife(1), pbmmake(1), pbmmask(1), pbmreduce(1), pbmtext(1), pbmupc(1), pnm(5), ...
 peer_encaps_config(4) -- SNMP version one subagent encapsulator configuration
    This file controls the behavior of the peer_encaps(1M) daemon. It contains information about each SNMP version one subagent that runs on the local system. The peer_encaps daemon registers each subtree with the peer_snmpd master daemon, then for each request converts the possibly version two protocol request into version one packets and forwards it to the encapsulated subagent. Each response is then converted back into the requesting version and sent back. The format of this file is: [AGENT [ON H...
 peer_snmpd_config(4) -- SNMP master agent configuration
    This file controls the behavior of the peer_snmpd(1M) daemon. It contains information about manager applications, SNMPv1 community definitions, and SNMPv2 party definitions. For information on the format of v2 party definitions, please rfer to the section SNMPv2 CONFIGURATION. The general format is: MANAGER [ON TRANSPORT ] [SEND [ALL | NO | traplist] TRAPS [TO PORT <#> ] [WITH COMMUNITY ]] COMMUNITY ALLOW op [,op]...
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