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 dlook(1) -- a tool for showing memory and process placement
    The given command is executed and after each child process exits dlook shows where each process was running when it exited and how its stack and heap data was placed with page size information. If sampling is enabled, this data is also displayed at regular intervals.
 dmedia/dmconvert(1) -- digital media file conversion utility
    dmconvert converts between different digital media files. Input files are combined, converted, and written to an output file of a selected format. dmconvert may also be used to describe input files without converting to an output file. Supported files include the following audio, image, and movie formats. The output file format is specified with the -f option, and may be any of the formats except those marked describe-only or read-only. Format Description Audio aifc Audio Interchange File Format...
 dmedia/dminfo(1) -- display information about digital media files
    dminfo displays information about the contents of each of the files. Supported digital media files are those readable by dmconvert(1), and include many audio, image, and movie formats.
 dmedia/dmplay(1) -- digital media file player utility
    dmplay plays back a movie file which contains a JPEG-compressed video track. By default, dmplay shows the video output in a window on your monitor as well as to video output devices connected to mvp (built-in on O2 systems), impact (Impact or Octane Video, as well as the Impact or Octane Compression options), ev1 (Indy Video, Indigo2 Video, and Galileo Video, for other systems). A hardware decompressor (ice for O2 systems, impact for Impact and Octane Compression, cosmo for others) is used to de...
 dmedia/dmrecord(1) -- digital media hard-disk recording utility
    dmrecord records a movie file which contains a JPEG-compressed video track and, optionally, an audio track. dmrecord supports realtime video recording to disk through Impact Compression, Octane Compression, ev1 video and Cosmo Compress. (Indy Video, Indigo2 Video, and Galileo Video are ev1 = 'Express Video' devices.) On O2 systems, dmrecord uses the built-in MVP ports and ICE compressor. The recorded movie file contains JPEG-compressed image data. Audio is recorded as stereo or mono 16-bit dat...
 domainname(1) -- set or display name of current NIS domain
    Without an argument, domainname displays the name of the current network information service (NIS) domain, which typically encompasses a group of hosts under the same administration. As such, the name of an NIS domain is typically a valid Internet domain name in order to be consistent with the domain name used by the BIND name server, named(1M). Only the super-user can set the domain name by giving an argument; this is performed by the system startup procedure using the contents of /var/yp/ypdom...
 dplace(1) -- a NUMA memory placement tool
    The given program is executed after placement policies are set up according to command line arguments and the specifications described in placement_file.
 dprof(1) -- a memory access profiling tool
    The given command is executed and memory accesses are sampled; after completion, dprof prepares a histogram of memory accesses. Histograms are computed for each thread of multi-threaded applications that utilize sproc(2).
 Inventor/drop(1) -- a 3d skill game
    drop is a fun game that tests your ability to drop 3d puzzle pieces onto a grid. The goal of the game is to drop the puzzle pieces onto the green court and form a solid grid of cubes. Each time that you fill an entire grid, that grid unit will glow brightly and drop down and off the court. You get extra points for each complete grid unit that you fill. If you get enough points during a game, then you move to the next (more difficult) level. The game will get progressively harder as you ascend th...
 dtl2sgft(1) -- Online Documentation Administration Utility for InfoSearch
    dtl2sgft is a utility program used to assist in maintaining a full-text searchable index of online books available to the infosearch(1) application. For a specified insight(1) online book, dtl2sgft builds a full-text indexable word file which is an extraction of the content of the book. This word file is used in conjunction with the booksAdmin(1) utility to aid in constructing and maintaining a full-text index. Along with the word file, a HTML-based version of the book's table of contents is al...
 dtrebuild(1) -- ``desktop'' maintenance of AppleShare volumes
    This program may be used to maintain some databases used by the AppleShare server, a la ``Rebuild Desktop'' on the Mac. FullPress and WebNative users may also use it to (re)create FPO/WEB images. It performs one or more operations on one or more files, directories and/or AppleShare volumes. Running dtrebuild with no arguments will produce an up-todate list of available OPerations. In the absence of the -a option, most of the OPerations may be run on a selected subset of AppleShare volumes or d...
 sysadm/dtshutdown(1) -- Notify desktop and shutdown the system
    dtshutdown shuts down (restarts) the system after shutting down the desktop. This command is used by the Shut Down System and Restart System tasks on the toolchest(1X) System menu.
 dtSounds(1) -- customization panel for controlling desktop & system sounds
    The dtSounds customization panel lets the user toggle which sounds the SGI system produces. The panel presents a set of six toggle buttons: Mute System Startup & Shutdown Tunes Desktop Sounds System Alerts Sounds Keyboard Bell Key Click Play Desktop Sounds Through (different output choices)
 dtUtilities(1) -- customization panel for choosing viewers & editors
    The dtUtilities customization panel lets the user choose favorite utility programs for use in the IRIX Interactive Desktop. For example, the program chosen as the user's Text Editor will be used any time the user double-clicks a text icon; the contents of the text file will appear in that editor. Similarly, the program chosen as the user's Web Browser will be used any time the user double-clicks a webjumper (or jumpsite) icon. These preferences are saved on a per-user basis and remembered acro...
 du(1) -- summarize disk usage
    The du command reports the number of blocks contained in all files and (recursively) directories within each directory and file specified by the name arguments. If no name arguments are given, the current directory is used. By default, the block counts reported are in terms of 512-byte blocks, but this can be modified to 1024-byte blocks by specifying the -k option (see below). The block count includes only the actual data blocks used by each file and directory, not indirect blocks o...
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