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 sysadm/configipforwardstate(1) -- turn IP forwarding on or off
    This command with the -off option enables the user to stop forwarding routing information to other systems. If multiple network interfaces are present or if a point-to-point link is in use, you may want to suppress the routing information. The -q option is added to /etc/config/routed.options. The -on option enables the routing information to be forwarded again.
 configkfs(1) -- configuration program for AppleShare Client
    The program configkfs finds and allows users to mount AppleShare volumes from AppleShare servers on the network. It is a semifriendly interactive front-end to the mount(1m) and mount_kfs(1m) programs. Users who have X displays should use the vastly superior xktalk(1) program. The flags are defined as follows: -a look in all zones (default is the local zone) -O look for servers with this name (default is all servers) -T look for this type of server (default is AFPServer) -Z look in this zone (def...
 configks(1) -- configuration program for K-Spool
    The program configks configures printers on an AppleTalk network. The flags are defined as follows: -a look in all zones (default is the local zone) -P look for devices with this name (default is LaserWriter) -T look for this type of printer (default is LaserWriter) -Z look in this zone (default is local zone) This program looks for all AppleTalk printers that match the specified options. It then asks if you want to set up a spooler for them. It also prompts to see if you want to configure seria...
 configmail(1) -- sendmail autoconfiguration script
    configmail is the historic interface to modifying parameters used in the sendmail.cf sendmail.cf file shipped with IRIX to obtain information about the local mail environment. configmail can also be executed by the user to display and/or modify that information. configmail is no longer the primary way to configure the sendmail.cf file. The correct way is to modify the sendmail.mc file. configmail can be used to generate a new sendmail.cf from the information and settings in the sendmail.mc file....
 configmon(1) -- IRIX system configuration utility
    The configmon utility is responsible for tracking changes in system hardware and software configuration. It performs its duties automatically during system start-up. configmon gathers information about hardware and software components installed in the system and compares the results to configuration data stored in the Embedded Support Partner (ESP) database. If it finds that any hardware or software components have been installed or deinstalled, it updates the database and logs information about...
 sysadm/configNetIf(1) -- configure the network interfaces
    configNetIf configures the network interfaces on the system. This command not only updates the given network interface, but also updates relevant system files. This command is used by the Set Up and Start Networking and Turn Off Networking tasks.
 sysadm/configResolver(1) -- updates the host resolution order.
    configResolver configures the host resolution order used by various applications to resolve the hostnames on the system. This command is used by the Set Up and Start NIS, Add Host, and Modify Network Settings tasks to configure the host resolution order.
 confirmjob(1) -- ask quesion via The X Window System
    The program confirmjob is an X11/Motif client that creates a single MessageBox and waits for a button click. The text in the MessageBox is supplied by the question argument. The -title option will set the MessageBox's title bar to titlestring.
 ConvertLayout(1) -- convert old desktop layout files to new format
    ConvertLayout reads the layout files from the Indigo Magic 1.x desktop and writes an IRIX Interactive Desktop 2.0 format layout file for those directories that still exist. It is not intended to be run directly by end users. Note: The positions of remote device icons on the background are not translated. Local devices are automatically generated. ConvertLayout accepts the following options: -v Verbose mode. Give detailed information on each layout file. -s Silent mode. Give no progress informati...
 conv_alias(1) -- convert MediaMail aliases to Netscape Address Book
    conv_alias reads $HOME/.zmailrc for MediaMail aliases and adds any new aliases to user's Netscape Address Book. If the alias already exists in the Address Book as a user or list, the alias will not be added and a message will be printed. conv_alias does not alter $HOME/.zmailrc. It updates $HOME/.netscape/address-book.html, or creates it if it doesn't exist. A backup copy of the Address Book(s) is taken before any modifications are done ($HOME/address-book.html.original or $HOME/address-book.h...
 conv_nspref(1) -- convert older Netscape preferences file to new 4.0X preference file
    conv_nspref reads $HOME/.netscape/preferences or $HOME/.netscapepreferences and copies the most important preferences into the new $HOME/.netscape/preferences.js file. If $HOME/.netscape/preferences.js already exists then this command does nothing. conv_nspref is only required to work around a serious bug in Communicator 4.05 and should be fixed in the 4.1 release. PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111...
 cord(1) -- rearranges procedures in an executable.
    The cord(1) command can be used to rearrange procedures in an executable object to correspond with an ordering provided in a reorder_file. Normally, the ordering is arranged to reduce virtual memory paging and/or instruction cache misses. The reorder file can be produced by the -feedback option to prof (see prof(1)). The -gprof -feedback options in prof can be used to produce a procedure ordering based on the function call counts. The default reorder file is prog.pixie.fb (if that does not exist...
 cosmocreate(1) -- WYSIWYG HTML authoring tool
    cosmocreate is a WYSIWYG editor for creating HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents for publishing on the World Wide Web (WWW). Through its WYSIWYG interface and its tight integration with the IRIX Interactive Desktop, cosmocreate greatly simplifies the task of creating compelling HTML documents. The cosmocreate program contains extensive online help and users guide. For this reason, this man page will not go into detail on the interactive aspects of the program. Please read the Cosmo Create...
 cosmoplayer(1) -- Netscape Plugin to view VRML files
    The following are "EMBED" tag options that may be used to control the player within the html page:
 covici(1) -- Edit administrative databases under revision control.
    covici retrieves a revision from an RCS file and opens it for editing using vi (1). The edited file is then stored as a new revision into the appropriate RCS file (see rcs (1)). A pathname matching an RCS suffix denotes an RCS file; other pathnames are assumed to denote working files not currently under RCS. If the pathname matches an RCS suffix covici runs co -l (see co (1)) and then loads the working file into vi. If the path does not match an RCS suffix the file is loaded directly into vi. Af...
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