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     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

     NAME    [Toc]    [Back]
	  xcalendar - calendar with a notebook for X11

     SYNTAX    [Toc]    [Back]
	  xcalendar [month [year]]

     DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]
	  xcalendar is a simple	interactive calendar program with a
	  notebook capability. It is built on the X Toolkit and	the
	  Athena or Motif Widgets (compile time	option).

	  If month and year are	not provided on	the command line they
	  are assumed to be current.

     INTERACTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  Clicking the left mouse button on a day will start a text
	  editor.  You can edit	and save a text.  This text will be
	  associated with the day. You can later on read and edit this
	  text when you	open the editor	for the	same day. The text is
	  saved	in a file in the directory specified by	the
	  calendarDir resource (default	~/Calendar). The editor	lets
	  you also clear an entry associated with a particular day.
	  You can also scroll through days while in the	editor by
	  clicking on the arrows on either side	of the date label.  If
	  an already open day is scrolled to, an appropriate message
	  is displayed and the editor is brought upin read only	mode.

	  It is	also possible to scroll	through	months in the main
	  window by clicking on	the arrows on either side of the
	  current date label.

	  You can highlight all	entries	in a month by invoking the
	  function ShowEntries.	By default this	function is called
	  when the left	mouse button is	pressed	in the title window
	  (where month and a year are displayed).  Pressing again the
	  same button will unhighlight the entries.

	  "Holidays" are shown in a text widget	near the bottom	of the
	  day editor.  Holidays	are read from a	holiday	file (see
	  holidayFile below).  The format of the file is mm/dd/yyyy
	  holidaytext where the	date and text are separated by a tab.
	  Currently there is no	wildcarding done.

     MISSING FEATURES    [Toc]    [Back]
	  One can imagine many useful features.	For example automatic
	  parsing of the current day entry in search for appointments
	  to trigger alarms (reminders)	at the approriate time.
	  Actually, there is a perl script called xcalendar+ that will
	  do this sort of thing.  Maybe	one day	xcalendar will do it

     RESOURCES    [Toc]    [Back]

     Page 1					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	  The resource data base lets you alter	the visual appearance
	  of the program. You can change fonts,	border widths, labels,
	  and other resources used by widgets. One use of this
	  facility is to change	names of week days and months.

	  Here are the names of	widgets	you can	use to set various

	       XCalendar    - class of the application
	       xcalendar    - top level	pane
	       controls	    - control panel
	       quitButton   - quit button
	       helpButton   - help button
	       date	    - date label
	       calendar	    - calendar pane
	       daynumbers   - day numbers frame
	       1-49	    - day number buttons
	       daynames	    - day names	frame
	       MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT,SUN - day name buttons
	       helpWindow   - help window
	       bcontrols    - month buttons frame
	       prev	    - previous month button
	       succ	    - succeeding month button
	       cdate	    - current date widget
	       dayEditor    - editor popup
	       editorFrame  - editor frame
	       editorTitle  - editor title
	       editor	    - editor
	       holiday	    - holiday text
	       daybuttons   - day buttons frame
	       prevday	    - previous day button
	       succday	    - succeeding day button
	       editorControls -	control	panel
	       doneButton   - done button
	       saveButton   - save button
	       clearEntry   - clear entry button

	  Application specific resources:

	       reverseVideoMark	 - if True the entries are highlighted in reverse
				   video;  default True	for monochrome displays
				   and False for color displays;

	       setMarkBackground - if True and reverseVideoMark	is False the
				   entries are highlighted by setting
				   background to markBackground	;

	       markBackground	 - background color for	highlighting entries;

	       setMarkForeground - analogous to	setMarkBackground;

     Page 2					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	       markForeground	 - foreground color for	highlighting entries;

	       setMarkBackground and setMarkForeground can take	any
	       combination of values.

	       january,february,..,december - these resources can be used for
				   changing names of months in the month label
				   (date) and for filename determination under
				   oldStyle (see below);

	       firstDay		 - an integer between 1-7,  indicating the day to
				   start a week	with, default:	7 (Sunday);

	       markOnStartup	 - if True mark	the entries upon startup,
				   default: False;

	       helpFile		 - full	pathname of the	xcalendar.hlp file,
				   default: /usr/lib/X11/xcalendar/xcalendar.hlp;

	       textBufferSize	 - maximum size	of the text buffer in the day editor,
				   default: 2048;

	       calendarDir	 - path	name of	directory to use for storing calendar
				   files instead of keeping them in $HOME/Calendar;

	       holidayFile	 - path	name of	file to	use for	determining holiday,
				   default: /usr/lib/X11/xcalendar/xcalendar.hol;

	       oldStyle		 - uses	version	3.0 and	prior file naming convention,
				   (xcDAYmonYEAR), where DAY and YEAR are numeric and
				   mon is the first three letters of the month,
				   instead of the "new style" (xcyyyymmdd),
				   default: True;

	       markCurrent	 - if True mark	the current day	(if visible; useful
				   on color displays only), default: False;

	       updateCurrent	 - number of seconds between attempts to update	the
				   marking of the current day, default:	60;

	       currentForeground - foreground color for	current	day highlight;

	       markHoliday	 - if True mark	holidays (if visible; useful on
				   color displays only), default: False;

	       holidayForeground - foreground color for	holiday	highlight;

	       monthnames	 - string of '/' separated month names used for
				   formatting the date in cdate;

	       monthnms		 - string of '/' separated month abbreviations used
				   for formatting the date in cdate;

     Page 3					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	       daynames		 - string of '/' separated day names used for
				   formatting the date in cdate;

	       daynms		 - string of '/' separated day abbreviations used
				   for formatting the date in cdate;

	       date		 - format string for date in cdate.  The formatting
				   characters that are understood are:

			%W	Full weekday name
			%w	Three-char weekday name
			%M	Full month name
			%m	Three-char abbreviation	for that month
			%d	The date (numerical day	number of the month)
			%Y	Full year (4 digits)
			%y	2-digit	year number

				   default: "%W, %M %d";

	       *showGrip:	   False
	       *calendar*internalBorderWidth: 0
	       *input:	      True
	       *resize:	False
	       *resizable: True
	       *title: XCalendar v.4.0
	       *dayEditor.title: Day Editor
	       *helpWindow.title: XCalendar Help
	       *Font: 8x13
	       *FontList: 8x13

	       *helpFile:     /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/xcalendar.hlp
	       *holidayFile:  /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/xcalendar.hol

	       *firstDay:	   7

	       ! bitmaps

	       *prev*bitmap: /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/larrow.xbm
	       *succ*bitmap: /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/rarrow.xbm
	       *prevday*bitmap:	/p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/larrow.xbm
	       *succday*bitmap:	/p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/rarrow.xbm
	       *helpButton*bitmap: /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/qmark.xbm
	       *quitButton*bitmap: /p/X11R6/lib/X11/xcalendar/quit.xbm
	       *prev*labelType:	XmPIXMAP
	       *prev*labelPixmap: /usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/larrow.xbm
	       *succ*labelType:	XmPIXMAP
	       *succ*labelPixmap: /usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/rarrow.xbm
	       *prevday*labelType: XmPIXMAP
	       *prevday*labelPixmap: /usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/larrow.xbm

     Page 4					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	       *succday*labelType: XmPIXMAP
	       *succday*labelPixmap: /usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/rarrow.xbm
	       *quitButton*labelType: XmPIXMAP
	       *quitButton*labelPixmap:	/usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/quit.xbm
	       *helpButton*labelType: XmPIXMAP
	       *helpButton*labelPixmap:	/usr/local/X11R5/lib/X11/xcalendar/qmark.xbm

	       ! colors
	       ! Note: These may cause problems	using the -rv option on	monochrome displays

	       *Background: lightgray
	       *markBackground:	gray
	       *daynames*Background: lightgray
	       *daynames.SUN*Foreground: Red
	       *daynames.SAT*Foreground: Black
	       *daynumbers*Foreground:	 Black
	       *daynumbers.1*Foreground: Red
	       *daynumbers.8*Foreground: Red
	       *daynumbers.15*Foreground: Red
	       *daynumbers.22*Foreground: Red
	       *daynumbers.29*Foreground: Red
	       *daynumbers.36*Foreground: Red
	       *helpButton*Background: slategray
	       *helpButton*Foreground: White
	       *quitButton*Background: slategray
	       *quitButton*Foreground: White
	       *editorTitle*Background:	lightgray
	       *editorTitle*Foreground:	Black
	       *editorControls*Background: lightgray
	       *editorControls*Command.Background: slategray
	       *editorControls*Command.Foreground: White
	       *editorControls*XmPushButton.Background:	slategray
	       *editorControls*XmPushButton.Foreground:	White

	       *setMarkBackground: True
	       *markOnStartup: True
	       *markCurrent: True
	       *currentForeground: Blue
	       *markHoliday: True
	       *holidayForeground: Red
	       *holiday*fontList: 6x13

	       *BorderWidth:	   2
	       *calendar.borderWidth:	1
	       *borderWidth: 0
	       *date*borderWidth: 0
	       *date*vertDistance: 5

	       *date*font:		     8x13bold
	       *daynames*font:		     8x13bold
	       *dayEditor*editorTitle*font:	  8x13bold

     Page 5					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	       *helpWindow*editorTitle*font:	       8x13bold
	       *date*fontList:		     8x13bold
	       *daynames*fontList:	     8x13bold
	       *dayEditor*editorTitle*fontList:	  8x13bold
	       *helpWindow*editorTitle*fontList:  8x13bold

	       *helpButton*vertDistance: 12
	       *quitButton*vertDistance: 12
	       *editorTitle*vertDistance: 5

	       *editorControls*doneButton*label: Done
	       *editorControls*saveButton*label: Save
	       *editorControls*clearEntry*label: Clear Entry
	       *doneButton*labelString:	Done
	       *saveButton*labelString:	Save
	       *clearEntry*labelString:	Clear Entry

	       *helpWindow*editorTitle*label: Help
	       *helpWindow*editorTitle*labelString: Help
	       *helpWindow*rows: 15
	       *helpWindow*columns: 80
	       *columns: 30

	       *dayEditor*Paned*editor.width: 300
	       *dayEditor*Paned*editor.height: 150
	       *helpWindow*Paned*editor.width: 600
	       *helpWindow*Paned*editor.height:	350

	       *bcontrols*borderWidth: 0
	       *prev*highlightThickness: 0
	       *succ*highlightThickness: 0

	       *prevday*highlightThickness: 0
	       *succday*highlightThickness: 0
	       *daybuttons*borderWidth:	0

	       *Scrollbar.borderWidth: 1
	       *Text*scrollVertical: whenNeeded
	       *scrollHorizontal: False
	       *helpWindow*scrollHorizontal: True
	       *holiday*cursorPositionVisible: False
	       *holiday*displayCaret: False
	       *helpWindow*cursorPositionVisible: False
	       *helpWindow*displayCaret: False

	       !! Keyboard accelerators	for Athena version

	       *Box*doneButton*accelerators: #override \n\
		    Meta<Key>q:	set() notify() reset() \n
	       *Box*saveButton*accelerators: #override \n\
		    Meta<Key>s:	set() notify() reset() \n

     Page 6					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

	       *Box*clearEntry*accelerators: #override \n\
		    Meta<Key>c:	set() notify() reset() \n

	       *Form*prevday*accelerators: #override \n\
		    Meta<Key>p:	set() notify() reset() \n
	       *Form*succday*accelerators: #override \n\
		    Meta<Key>n:	set() notify() reset() \n

	       *Form*prev*accelerators:	#override \n\
		    <Key>p: set() notify() reset() \n
	       *Form*succ*accelerators:	#override \n\
		    <Key>n: set() notify() reset() \n
	       *Form*quitButton*accelerators: #override	\n\
		    <Key>q: set() notify() \n

	       ! Motif text translations to make it work like emacs

	       *XmText.translations: #override\n\
			Ctrl <Key>b:		backward-character()\n\
			Alt <Key>b:		backward-word()\n\
			Meta <Key>b:		backward-word()\n\
			Shift Alt <Key>b:	backward-word(extend)\n\
			Shift Meta <Key>b:	backward-word(extend)\n\
			Alt <Key>[:		backward-paragraph()\n\
			Meta <Key>[:		backward-paragraph()\n\
			Shift Alt <Key>[:	backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
			Shift Meta <Key>[:	backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
			Alt <Key><:		beginning-of-file()\n\
			Meta <Key><:		beginning-of-file()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>a:		beginning-of-line()\n\
			Shift Ctrl <Key>a:	beginning-of-line(extend)\n\
			Ctrl <Key>osfInsert:	copy-clipboard()\n\
			Shift <Key>osfDelete:	cut-clipboard()\n\
			Shift <Key>osfInsert:	paste-clipboard()\n\
			Alt <Key>>:		end-of-file()\n\
			Meta <Key>>:		end-of-file()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>e:		end-of-line()\n\
			Shift Ctrl <Key>e:	end-of-line(extend)\n\
			Ctrl <Key>f:		forward-character()\n\
			Alt <Key>]:		forward-paragraph()\n\
			Meta <Key>]:		forward-paragraph()\n\
			Shift Alt <Key>]:	forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
			Shift Meta <Key>]:	forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
			Ctrl Alt <Key>f:	forward-word()\n\
			Ctrl Meta <Key>f:	forward-word()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>d:		kill-next-character()\n\
			Alt <Key>BackSpace:	kill-previous-word()\n\
			Meta <Key>BackSpace:	kill-previous-word()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>w:		key-select() kill-selection()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>y:		unkill()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>k:		kill-to-end-of-line()\n\

     Page 7					     (printed 10/9/01)

     xcalendar(1)	X Version 11 (6	June 1994)	  xcalendar(1)

			Alt <Key>Delete:	kill-to-start-of-line()\n\
			Meta <Key>Delete:	kill-to-start-of-line()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>o:		newline-and-backup()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>j:		newline-and-indent()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>n:		next-line()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>osfLeft:	page-left()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>osfRight:	page-right()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>p:		previous-line()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>g:		process-cancel()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>l:		redraw-display()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>osfDown:	next-page()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>osfUp:	previous-page()\n\
			Ctrl <Key>space:	set-anchor()\n

     FILES    [Toc]    [Back]
	  $HOME/Calendar/*, /usr/lib/X11/xcalendar/xcalendar.hlp,

     SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]
	  xrdb(1), xcalendar+(1)

     BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  I'm sure there are some.  If you find	any, let me
	  (bingle@cs.purdue.edu) know.

     AUTHORS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  Copyright 1988 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	  Roman	J. Budzianowski, MIT Project Athena

	  Copyright 1990-1994 by Purdue	University
	  Richard Bingle, Department of	Computer Sciences

	  Enhancements/Suggestions by:
	  Beth Chaney
	  Purdue University, Department	of Computer Sciences

	  Mike Urban
	  Jet Propulsion Labs, NASA

	  Joel Neisen
	  Minnesota Supercomputer Center

	  Hiroshi Kuribayashi
	  Omron	Corp.

     Page 8					     (printed 10/9/01)

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