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 basename(1) -- extract portions of path names
    basename deletes any prefix ending in / and the suffix (if present in string) from string, and prints the result on the standard output. If string consists entirely of slash characters, string is set to a single slash character. If there are any trailing slash characters in string, they are removed. If the suffix operand is present but not identical to the characters remaining in string, but it is...
 batch(1) -- execute batched commands immediately or at a later time
    The at and batch commands schedule jobs for execution by the cron daemon (see cron(1M)). at schedules a job for execution at a specified time. at can also list (-l) or remove (-r) existing scheduled at and batch jobs. batch schedules a job for execution immediately, or as soon as system load levels permit. You can enter commands into a job in one of the following ways: Hewlett-Packard Company - 1 ...
 bc(1) -- arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
    bc is an interactive processor for a language that resembles C but provides unlimited-precision arithmetic. It takes input from any files given, then reads the standard input. Options: bc recognizes the following command-line options: -c Compile only. bc is actually a preprocessor for dc which bc invokes automatically (see dc(1)). Specifying -c prevents invoking dc, and sends the dc input to stand...
 bdf(1m) -- report number of free disk blocks (Berkeley version)
    The bdf command displays the amount of free disk space available either on the specified filesystem (/dev/dsk/c0d0s0, for example) or on the file system in which the specified file (such as $HOME), is contained. If no file system is specified, the free space on all of the normally mounted file systems is printed. The reported numbers are in kilobytes.
 bdftopcf(1) -- convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
    Bdftopcf is a font compiler for the X server and font server. Fonts in Portable Compiled Format can be read by any architecture, although the file is structured to allow one particular architecture to read them directly without reformatting. This allows fast reading on the appropriate machine, but the files are still portable (but read more slowly) on other machines.
 bdiff(1) -- diff for large files
    bdiff compares two files and produces output identical to what would be produced by diff (see diff(1)), specifying changes that must be made to make the files identical. bdiff is designed for handling files that are too large for diff, but it can be used on files of any length. bdiff processes files as follows: + Ignore lines common to the beginning of both files. + Split the remainder of each fil...
 bg(1) -- standard and restricted POSIX.2-conformant command shells
    Shell Invocation Tilde Substitution Environment Options Command Substitution Functions rsh Restrictions Parameter Substitution Jobs Definitions Blank Interpretation Signals Commands File Name Generation Execution Simple Commands Quoting Command Reentry Compound Commands Arithmetic Evaluation Command Line Editing Special Commands Prompting emacs/gmacs Editing Mode Comments Conditional Expressions v...
 big5-cwin(1) -- Big5 UDF file format converter
    big5-cwin is used to convert a HP 9000 Big5 code UDF file to PC CWindows UDF file
 big5-et(1) -- big5 UDF file format converter
    big5-et is used to convert a hp9000 big5 UDF file to PC ET UDF file
 big5udf(1) -- HP 9000 Big5 code UDF utilities
    CMEX <---> HP Big5 code UDF format converting tools description =============================================================== Hewlett Packard Taiwan, Solution Development Operation 1. Purpose : If user uses HP9000 system as the server, and uses a PC running ETen Chinese system, also connects through CTERM with the server. Owing to the PC's UDF file format is different from the server. So, there...
 big5udfdown(1) -- UDF download utility for big5 code
    big5udfdown is used to download big5 UDF file to peripheral devices
 big5udfgen(1) -- HP 9000 Big5 code user defined font generating utility
    _____________________________ | | | | | HP 9000 Big5 Code | | User Defined Font Generator | | | |_____________________________| User Defined Font Generating System User can execute the UDF generator on a HP9000 terminal. $ big5udfgen < return > The following messages will show on the screen : ******************************************************** * (c) HP-UX Big5 User Defined Font Generator Util...
 biod(1m) -- NFS daemons
    nfsd starts the NFS server daemons that handle client file system requests (see nfs(7)). num_nfsd is the suggested number of file system request daemons that will start. One daemon will be started to support the kernel threads servicing TCP requests, and multiple additional daemons will be started to service UDP requests. At system boot time, num_nfsd is defined by the NUM_NFSD variable in the /et...
 boot(1m) -- bootstrap process
    Itanium-based System Hardware The Itanium-based system's bootstrap process involves the execution of four software components: + CMOS + option ROM + EFI + Boot Manager + hpux.efi After the processor is reset, firmware initializes and tests processors and platform. During initialization, the firmware lets a user interrupt and configure CMOS and option ROMs. It then transfers control to EFI, the Ex...
 bootpd(1m) -- Internet Boot Protocol server
    The bootpd daemon implements three functions: a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server as defined in RFC1541, an Internet Boot Protocol (BOOTP) server as defined in RFC951 and RFC1395, and a DHCP/BOOTP relay agent as defined in RFC1542. It also contains some of the useful fields as defined in RFC2132. bootpd is run through inetd (see inetd(1M)). It is run by /etc/inetd when the followin...
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