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 fputwc(3) -- output a wide-character to a stream
    The fputwc() function writes the wide-character wc to the output stream pointed to by stream. The putwc() function acts essentially identically to fputwc(). The putwchar() function is identical to put...
 fputws(3) -- output a line of wide characters to a stream
    The fputws() function writes the wide character string pointed to by ws to the stream pointed to by fp.
 fread(3) -- binary stream input/output
    The function fread() reads nmemb objects, each size bytes long, from the stream pointed to by stream, storing them at the location given by ptr. The function fwrite() writes nmemb objects, each size b...
 free(3) -- general purpose memory allocation functions
    The malloc() function allocates size bytes of memory. The allocated space is suitably aligned (after possible pointer coercion) for storage of any type of object. If the space is at least pagesize byt...
 freeaddrinfo(3) -- nodename-to-address translation
    The getaddrinfo() function is defined for protocol-independent nodenameto-address translation. It performs the functionality of gethostbyname(3) and getservbyname(3), but in a more sophisticated manne...
 freehostent(3) -- nodename-to-address and
    The getipnodebyname() and getipnodebyaddr() functions are very similar to gethostbyname(3), gethostbyname2(3) and gethostbyaddr(3). The functions cover all the functionalities provided by the older on...
 freeifaddrs(3) -- get interface addresses
    The getifaddrs() function stores a reference to a linked list of the network interfaces on the local machine in the memory referenced by ifap. The list consists of ifaddrs structures, as defined in th...
 freeifmaddrs(3) -- get multicast group memberships
    The getifmaddrs() function stores a reference to a linked list of the multicast memberships on the local machine in the memory referenced by ifmap. The list consists of ifmaddrs structures, as defined...
 free_field(3) -- create and destroy form fields
    The function new_field allocates a new field and initializes it from the parameters given: height, width, row of upper-left corner, column of upper-left corner, number off-screen rows, and number of a...
 free_form(3) -- create and destroy forms
    The function new_form creates a new form connected to a specified field pointer array (which must be NULL-terminated). The function free_form disconnects form from its field array and frees the storag...
 free_item(3) -- create and destroy menu items
    The function new_item allocates a new item and initializes it from the name and description pointers. Please notice that the item stores only the pointers to the name and description. Those pointers m...
 free_menu(3) -- create and destroy menus
    The function new_menu creates a new menu connected to a specified item pointer array (which must be NULL-terminated). The function free_menu disconnects menu from its item array and frees the storage ...
 freopen(3) -- stream open functions
    The fopen() function opens the file whose name is the string pointed to by path and associates a stream with it. The argument mode points to a string beginning with one of the following sequences (Add...
 frexp(3) -- convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
    The frexp() function breaks a floating-point number into a normalized fraction and an integral power of 2. It stores the integer in the int object pointed to by exp.
 fropen(3) -- open a stream
    The funopen() function associates a stream with up to four ``I/O functions''. Either readfn or writefn must be specified; the others can be given as an appropriately-typed NULL pointer. These I/O fu...
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