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 fingerd(8) -- remote user information server
    The fingerd utility uses a simple protocol based on RFC1196 that provides an interface to finger(1) at several network sites. It is supposed to return a friendly, human-oriented status report on eithe...
 fixmount(8) -- fix remote mount entries
    fixmount is a variant of showmount(8) that can delete bogus mount entries in remote mountd(8) daemons. The actions specified by the options are performed for each host in turn.
 fore_dnld(8) -- download FORE Systems' microcode into host ATM adapter
    The fore_dnld utility downloads FORE Systems' microcode into the host ATM adapter(s).
 fsck(8) -- file system consistency check and interactive repair
    The fsck utility invokes file system-specific programs to check the special devices listed in the fstab(5) file or in the command line for consistency. It is normally used in the script /etc/rc during...
 fsck_ffs(8) -- file system consistency check and interactive repair
    The specified disk partitions and/or file systems are checked. In "preen" mode the clean flag of each file system's superblock is examined and only those file systems that are not marked clean are ...
 fsck_msdosfs(8) -- DOS/Windows (FAT) file system consistency checker
    The fsck_msdosfs utility verifies and repairs FAT file systems (more commonly known as DOS file systems). The first form of fsck_msdosfs preens the specified file systems. It is normally started by fs...
 fsdb(8) -- FFS debugging/editing tool
    The fsdb utility opens fsname (usually a raw disk partition) and runs a command loop allowing manipulation of the file system's inode data. You are prompted to enter a command with fsdb (inum X)> whe...
 fsinfo(8) -- co-ordinate site-wide file system information
    The fsinfo utility takes a set of system configuration information, and generates a coordinated set of , and mountd configuration files. The following options are available: -a autodir Specifies the d...
 fsirand(8) -- randomize inode generation numbers
    The fsirand utility installs random generation numbers on all the inodes for each file system specified on the command line by special. This increases the security of NFS-exported file systems by maki...
 ftpd(8) -- Internet File Transfer Protocol server
    The ftpd utility is the Internet File Transfer Protocol server process. The server uses the TCP protocol and listens at the port specified with the -P option or in the ``ftp'' service specification;...
 fwcontrol(8) -- FireWire control utility
    The fwcontrol utility is designed to provide a way for users to access and control the FreeBSD FireWire subsystem. Without options, fwcontrol will output a list of devices that are/were connected to t...
 gbde(8) -- operation and management utility for Geom Based Disk Encryption
    NOTICE: Please be aware that this code has not yet received much review and analysis by qualified cryptographers and therefore should be consid- ered a slightly suspect experimental facility. We canno...
 getextattr(8) -- manipulate extended attributes
    These utilities are user tools to manipulate the named extended attributes on files and directories. The attrnamespace argument should be the namespace of the attribute to retrieve: legal values are u...
 getfmac(8) -- print MAC label for a file system object
    The getfmac utility prints the text representation of the MAC label associated with the specified files.
 getpmac(8) -- print process-related MAC labels
    The getpmac utility prints the text representation of the MAC label associated with the specified process. If no process is specified, it prints the label associated with its own process.
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