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 ypinit(8) -- build and install NIS databases
    The ypinit utility is a script which sets up databases on a Network Information Service (NIS) master or slave server. On a master server, ypinit creates the /var/yp/$DOMAINNAME directory, the /var/yp/...
 yppoll(8) -- ask version of YP map from YP server
    The yppoll utility asks a YP server process for the order number and which host is the master server for mapname. The options are as follows: -h host Ask the YP server process running on host for info...
 yppush(8) -- force propagation of updated NIS databases
    The yppush utility distributes updated NIS databases (or maps) from an NIS master server to NIS slave servers within an NIS domain. It is normally only run on the NIS master by /var/yp/Makefile whenev...
 ypserv(8) -- NIS database server
    NIS is an RPC-based service designed to allow a number of UNIX-based machines to share a common set of configuration files. Rather than requiring a system administrator to update several copies of fil...
 ypset(8) -- tell ypbind(8) which YP server process to use
    The ypset utility tells the ypbind(8) process on the current machine which YP server process to communicate with. If server is down or is not running a YP server process, it is not discovered until a ...
 ypxfr(8) -- transfer NIS database from remote server to local host
    The ypxfr utility copies an NIS database (or map) from one NIS server to another using NIS services. In FreeBSD, ypxfr is generally invoked by ypserv(8) when it receives a map transfer request from yp...
 yp_mkdb(8) -- generate the NIS databases
    The yp_mkdb utility creates db(3) style databases for use with FreeBSD's NIS server. The yp_mkdb utility reads data from inputfile, and writes it to dbname in db(3) format (using the hash table metho...
 zdump(8) -- timezone dumper
    The zdump utility prints the current time in each zonename named on the command line. The following options are available: -v For each zonename on the command line, print the time at the lowest possib...
 zic(8) -- timezone compiler
    The zic utility reads text from the file(s) named on the command line and creates the time conversion information files specified in this input. If a filename is -, the standard input is read. The fol...
 zzz(8) -- suspend an ACPI or APM system
    The zzz utility checks for ACPI or APM support and then suspends the system appropriately. For APM, apm -z will be issued. For ACPI, the configured suspend state will be looked up, checked to see if i...
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