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 mount_unionfs(8) -- mount union file systems
    The mount_unionfs utility attaches directory above uniondir in such a way that the contents of both directory trees remain visible. By default, directory becomes the upper layer and uniondir becomes t...
 moused(8) -- pass mouse data to the console driver
    The moused utility and the console driver work together to support mouse operation in the text console and user programs. They virtualize the mouse and provide user programs with mouse data in the sta...
 mrinfo(8) -- display configuration info from a multicast router
    The mrinfo utility attempts to display the configuration information from the multicast router multicast_router. The mrinfo utility uses the ASK_NEIGHBORS IGMP message to the specified multicast route...
 mrouted(8) -- IP multicast routing daemon
    The mrouted utility is an implementation of the Distance-Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (DVMRP), an earlier version of which is specified in RFC-1075. It maintains topological knowledge via a dista...
 mtest(8) -- test multicast membership socket operations and ioctls
    The mtest utility is a small program for testing the multicast membership socket operations and ioctls. It accepts the following commands, interactively: j g.g.g.g i.i.i.i Join the IP group address g....
 mtrace(8) -- print multicast path from a source to a receiver
    Assessing problems in the distribution of IP multicast traffic can be difficult. The mtrace utility utilizes a tracing feature implemented in multicast routers that is accessed via an extension to the...
 mtree(8) -- map a directory hierarchy
    The mtree utility compares the file hierarchy rooted in the current directory against a specification read from the standard input. Messages are written to the standard output for any files whose char...
 named(8) -- Internet domain name server (DNS)
    Named is the Internet domain name server. See RFC's 1033, 1034, and 1035 for more information on the Internet name-domain system. Without any arguments, named will read the default configuration file...
 named-bootconf(8) -- convert name server configuration files
    named-bootconf converts named configuration files from BIND 4 format to BIND 8 format.
 named-xfer(8) -- ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
    Named-xfer is an ancillary program executed by named(8) to perform an inbound zone transfer. It is rarely executed directly, and then only by system administrators who are trying to debug a zone trans...
 named.reload(8) -- cause the name server to synchronize its database
    This command runs ndc(8) which reloads the running name server.
 named.restart(8) -- stop and restart the name server
    This command runs ndc(8) which restarts the running name server with the command line options specified in rc.conf(5).
 natd(8) -- Network Address Translation daemon
    The natd utility provides a Network Address Translation facility for use with divert(4) sockets under FreeBSD. (If you need NAT on a PPP link, ppp(8) provides the -nat option that gives most of the na...
 ndc(8) -- name daemon control program
    This command allows the system administrator to control the operation of a name server. If no command is given, ndc will prompt for commands until it reads EOF. Options are: -c channel Specifies the r...
 ndp(8) -- control/diagnose IPv6 neighbor discovery protocol
    The ndp command manipulates the address mapping table used by the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP). -a Dump the currently existing NDP entries. The following information will be printed: Neighbor IPv...
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