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USB Flash Memory HOWTO

USB Flash Memory HOWTO

Niko Sauer

Unit of Advanced Study
University of Pretoria, South Africa


Revision History
Revision 0.062004-03-10Revised by: ns
Added section on Linux-2.6.
Revision 0.052003-12-26Revised by: ejh
Technical review.
Revision 0.042003-12-11Revised by: ns
Revision 0.032003-12-02Revised by: ejh
Technical review.
Revision 0.022003-10-30Revised by: ns
Changed 2003-11-20

This document describes procedures for installing USB Flash Memory devices and the way of formatting them for various file systems such as vfat (the way they usually come) and ext2 (the way they fit in better with Linux). It is also described how to partition the device in two sections with different file types.

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