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      The *nix documentation project is meant to provide online searchable documentation for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, HP-UX, Tru64 and other Unix like operating systems.

      Currently hosting over 25000 manual pages, over 200 Linux Howtos, over 100 FreeBSD tips and a friendly comunity forum where your questions will be answered.

Random man page:  SSL_get_mode(3) -- Manipulate SSL engine mode
The SSL_CTX_set_mode() function adds the mode set via bitmask in mode to ctx. Options already set before are not cleared. The SSL_set_mode() function adds the mode set via bitmask in mode to ssl. Opti...
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If you are running xterm, the default TERM variable will be 'xterm'.  If you
set this environment variable to 'xterm-color' instead, a lot of programs will
use colors.  You can do this by

	TERM=xterm-color; export TERM

in Bourne-derived shells, and

	setenv TERM xterm-color

in csh-derived shells.
[06/07/2005]: Added man pages for IRIX
[26/02/2005]: Added man pages for HP-UX 11i
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