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 Xvfb(1X) -- virtual framebuffer X server
    Xvfb is an X server that can run on machines with no display hardware and no physical input devices. It emulates a dumb framebuffer using virtual memory. The Xvfb command supports the run-time loading...
 xwd(1X) -- dump an image of an X window
    The xwd utility is an X Window System window dumping utility. xwd allows X users to store window images in a specially formatted dump file. This file can then be read by various other X utilities for ...
 xwininfo(1X) -- window information utility for X
    The xwininfo program is a utility for displaying information about windows. Various information is displayed depending on which options are selected. If no options are chosen, -stats is assumed. The u...
 xwud(1X) -- image displayer for X
    The xwud program is an X Window System image undumping utility. xwud allows X users to display in a window an image saved in a specially formatted dump file, such as produced by xwd(1X).
 yacc(1) -- Generates an LR(1) parsing program from input consisting
    The yacc command converts a context-free grammar specification into a set of tables for a simple automaton that executes an LR(1) parsing algorithm. The yacc grammar can be ambiguous; specified preced...
 yes(1) -- Affirms repetitively
    The yes command repeatedly outputs y, or the locale's equivalent of a y, or, if specified, explication. (The LC_MESSAGES variable determines the locale's equivalent of y or n (for yes/no queries)). ...
 ypcat(1) -- print values from an Network Information Service (NIS) data base
    The ypcat command prints values stored in an NIS map specified by mname, which may be either a mapname or a map nickname. To look at the network-wide password database, passwd.byname, with the nicknam...
 ypmatch(1) -- print the value of one or more keys from an NIS map
    The ypmatch command prints the values associated with one or more keys from the Network Information Service (NIS) map (database) specified by mname, which may be either a mapname or a map nickname. Mu...
 yppasswd(1) -- change password in Network Information Service (NIS)
    Note If Enhanced Security is enabled on your system, use the passwd command to change your password, even if NIS is in use. The yppasswd command lets you change your password in the Network Informatio...
 ypwhich(1) -- determine which host is the current NIS server or map master.
    The ypwhich command identifies the Network Information Service (NIS) server that currently supplies NIS services to an NIS client. It also identifies which NIS server is the master for a map. If invok...
 zcat(1) -- Compresses and expands data
    The compress command reduces the size of the named files using adaptive Lempel-Ziv coding. Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension while keeping the same ownership modes, ac...
 [(1) -- Evaluates conditional expressions
    The test command evaluates an expression constructed of functions and operators. If the value of expression is true, test returns an exit value of zero (0); otherwise, it returns FALSE, a nonzero exit...
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