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 ypxfr(8) -- Transfer a Network Information Service (NIS) map from a NIS server to the local host
    The ypxfr command moves a NIS map, specified by the mapname argument, to the local host by making use of normal NIS services. It creates a temporary map in the directory /var/yp/domain (which must alr...
 ypxfrd(8) -- High speed NIS map transfer daemon
    The ypxfrd daemon is the transfer agent that handles map transfer requests from yppush on the master server and ypxfr on slave servers and clients. This program performs the actual transfer of the NIS...
 zdump(8) -- Time zone dumper
    The zdump command prints the current time in each zonename named on the command line.
 zeero(8) -- Zero out disks prior to rewrite.
    The zeero command writes zeros throughout a disk partition including the disk label. You must be super user to use this command.
 zic(8) -- Time zone compiler
    The zic compiler reads text from the file(s) named on the command line and creates the time conversion information files specified. If the filename parameter is specified as a dash (-), the standard i...
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