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 dupmsg(9r) -- STREAMS: Duplicates a message
    The dupmsg interface forms a new message by copying the message block descriptors pointed to by the message_block_ptr argument and linking them. The dupmsg interface calls dupb for each message block....
 enableok(9r) -- STREAMS: Enables a queue for service
    The enableok interface allows the queue associated with the queue_pointer argument to be rescheduled for service. The interface cancels the effect of a previous call to the noenable interface on the q...
 esballoc(9r) -- STREAMS: Allocates a message block with a shared buffer
    The esballoc interface creates a STREAMS message and attaches a user-supplied data buffer in place of a STREAMS data buffer. The interface calls allocb to obtain a message and data block header. The u...
 ffs(9r) -- General: Finds the first set bit in a mask
    The ffs routine returns the bit position of the first bit you set in the mask argument. The scan proceeds from the least significant bit to the most significant bit of the mask.
 flushband(9r) -- STREAMS: Flushes messages for a specified priority band
    The flushband interface flushes messages associated with the priority band specified by the pri argument. If pri is zero (0), flushband flushes only normal and high priority messages. Otherwise, flush...
 flushq(9r) -- STREAMS: Removes a message from a queue
    The flushq interface frees messages and their associated data structures by calling the freemsg interface. If the queue's count falls below the low-water mark and the QWANTW bit is set, flushq enable...
 FREE(9r) -- General: Deallocates (frees) the allocated kernel virtual memory
    The FREE routine deallocates (frees) the allocated kernel virtual memory, which you allocated in a previous call to MALLOC.
 freeb(9r) -- STREAMS: Frees a message block
    The freeb interface deallocates a message block. If the reference count of the db_ref member of the datab structure is greater than the value 1, freeb decrements the count. If db_ref equals the value ...
 freemsg(9r) -- STREAMS: Frees all message blocks in a message
    The freemsg interface calls the freeb interface to free all message and data blocks associated with the message pointed to by the message_block_ptr argument.
 fubyte(9r) -- General: Returns a byte from user address space
    The fubyte routine returns 1 byte from the unprotected user address space to the calling program.
 fuibyte(9r) -- General: Returns a byte from user instruction address space
 fuiword(9r) -- General: Returns a word from user instruction address space
 fuword(9r) -- General: Returns a word from user instruction address space
    The fuword routine returns one word from the unprotected user address space to the calling program.
 getnewbuf(9r) -- General: Allocates a buf structure
    The getnewbuf routine allocates a buf structure for performing I/O operations. This routine guarantees that the members of the structure are properly initialized prior to initiating the I/O request. D...
 getq(9r) -- STREAMS: Gets a message from the front of the queue
    The getq interface is used by a service interface to retrieve its enqueued messages. A module or driver may include a service interface to process enqueued messages. Once the STREAMS scheduler calls t...
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