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 uudemon.poll(4) -- Administrative shell scripts for polling remote systems, cleaning up spool directories, reporting st...
    All the scripts can be run from the command line or can be run automatically by the cron daemon. To automatically run the scripts, remove the comment character (#) from the beginning of the relevant l...
 v5srvtab(4) -- Contains the service key table
    The /krb5/v5srvtab file is the default service key table file that contains the principal entries that you extract from the principal database on the Key Distribution Center (KDC). Each service princi...
 volmake(4) -- Format of a volmake description file
    Descriptions of configuration records can be given to the volmake utility either on the command line or in a file. Descriptions given on the command line can specify only one new record. Descriptions ...
 vol_pattern(4) -- Logical Storage Manager (LSM) search specifications
    The vol_pattern search expression language can be used in volprint and voledit, and with some Logical Storage Manager support library functions, to locate Logical Storage Manager configuration records...
 Workspace(4) -- Holds temporary files used internally by file transport programs
    The /usr/spool/uucp/.Workspace directory holds temporary files of various kinds used internally by uucp file transport programs.
 wtmp(4) -- Login records
    The utmp file records information about who is currently using the system. The file is a sequence of utmp entries, as defined in struct utmp in the utmp.h file. The utmp structure gives the name of th...
 xferstats(4) -- Contains information about the status of file transfer requests
    The /usr/spool/uucp/.Admin/xferstats file contains information about the status of each uucp file transfer request. The xferstats file contains the following information: System name Name of the user ...
 Xqtdir(4) -- Contains temporary files used by the uuxqt daemon to execute remote command requests
    The /usr/spool/uucp/.Xqtdir directory contains temporary files used by the uuxqt daemon to execute remote command requests.
 ypfiles(4) -- Network Information Service (NIS) database and directory structure
    The NIS database lookup service uses a database of dbm/ndbm, btree, or hash files in the /var/yp directory hierarchy. A dbm/ndbm database consists of two files created by calls to the dbminit(3) funct...
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