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 bio(4) -- ioctl tunnel pseudo-device
    The bio driver provides userland applications ioctl access to devices otherwise not found as /dev nodes. The /dev/bio device node operates by delegating ioctl(2) calls to a requested device driver. On...
 i386/bios(4) -- a driver for PC Firmware, aka BIOS
    OpenBSD provides support for PC firmware, aka BIOS and some of its functions, currently: APM subsystem, BIOS 32 extensions, PCI BIOS subsystem. The bios driver also identifies BIOS type (such as "AT/...
 bktr(4) -- video capture driver
    The bktr driver provides support for PCI video capture and VBI capture on low cost, high performance boards. This should support most video cards based on the Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879 Video Capture...
 macppc/bm(4) -- Apple BMAC Ethernet driver
    The bm device driver supports Apple BMAC and compatible Ethernet devices.
 bmtphy(4) -- Broadcom Mini-Theta Ethernet PHY driver
    The bmtphy driver supports the Broadcom Mini-Theta BCM5201 and BCM5202 10/100 Ethernet PHYs, as well as the BCM5221 100baseTX Ethernet PHY. These PHYs are found on a variety of high-performance Ethern...
 boca(4) -- multiplexing serial communications interface
    The boca driver provides support for BOCA Research BB1004, BB1008, and BB2016 boards that multiplex together up to four, eight, or sixteen EIA RS-232C (CCITT V.28) communications interfaces. Each boca...
 bpf(4) -- Berkeley Packet Filter
    The Berkeley Packet Filter provides a raw interface to data link layers in a protocol-independent fashion. All packets on the network, even those destined for other hosts, are accessible through this ...
 sparc/bpp(4) -- SPARC bi-directional parallel port
    The bpp driver provides support for the parallel port found on some workstations. It only supports writing data to the device.
 brgphy(4) -- Broadcom BCM54xx/BCM57xx Gigabit Ethernet PHY driver
    The brgphy driver supports Broadcom BCM5400 100/1000TX Ethernet PHY interfaces, as well as the BCM5401, BCM5411, BCM5421S, BCM5701, BCM5703, BCM5704 and BCM5705 10/100/1000baseTX Ethernet PHY interfac...
 bridge(4) -- Ethernet bridge interface
    The bridge device creates a logical link between two or more Ethernet interfaces or encapsulation interfaces (see gif(4)). This link between the interfaces selectively forwards frames from each interf...
 sparc/btcham(4) -- Weitek Power9000 accelerated frame buffer
    The pninek is a color frame buffer with graphics acceleration, embedded in the Tadpole SPARCbook 3 laptop. It is based on the Weitek Power9000 video processor and a Brooktree Bt445 `Chameleon' RAMDAC...
 mvme88k/bussw(4) -- BusSwitch local peripheral bus interface
    The bussw BusSwitch ASIC provides an interface from the MVME197's 64-bit wide system bus to the MC68040 compatible 32-bit wide local bus, to which the system's I/O devices, e.g. SCSI and Ethernet, a...
 sparc64/bwtwo(4) -- monochromatic frame buffer
    The bwtwo is an SBus monochrome frame buffer. The bwtwo driver interfaces the frame buffer with the wscons(4) console framework. It does not provide direct device driver entry points but makes its fun...
 sparc/bwtwo(4) -- monochromatic frame buffer
    The bwtwo is a black and white frame buffer commonly encountered as the on-board frame buffer on sun4 and some sun4c class workstations. It is also available as an SBus card for sun4c and sun4m, or as...
 cac(4) -- Compaq Smart ARRAY RAID controllers
    The cac driver provides support for the following RAID controllers: Compaq Integrated Array, Compaq IAES, Compaq IDA, Compaq IDA-2, Compaq RAID LC2, Compaq Smart Array 221, Compaq Smart Array 3100ES, ...
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