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 ucom(4) -- USB tty support
    The ucom driver attaches to USB modems, serial ports, and other devices that need to look like a tty. The ucom driver shows a behaviour like a tty(4). This means that normal programs such as tip(1) or...
 vax/uda(4) -- UDA50 disk controller interface
    This is a driver for the DEC UDA50 disk controller and other compatible controllers. The UDA50 communicates with the host through a packet protocol known as the Mass Storage Control Protocol (MSCP). C...
 udp(4) -- Internet User Datagram Protocol
    UDP is a simple, unreliable datagram protocol which is used to support the SOCK_DGRAM abstraction for the Internet protocol family. UDP sockets are connectionless, and are normally used with the sendt...
 udsbr(4) -- D-Link DSB-R100 USB radio devices driver
    The udsbr driver provides support for the D-Link DSB-R100 USB radio. The device is accessed through the radio(4) driver. The DSB-R100 is a rather poor radio and the only feedback that you can get from...
 uftdi(4) -- USB support for serial adapters based on the FT8U100AX
    The uftdi driver provides support for various serial adapters based on the FTDI chip FT8U100AX. The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes it behave like a tty(4). The uftdi driver ...
 ugen(4) -- USB generic device support
    The ugen driver provides support for all USB devices that do not have a special driver. It supports access to all parts of the device, but not in a way that is as convenient as a special purpose drive...
 i386/uha(4) -- Ultrastor SCSI adapter driver
    The uha driver provides support for the following SCSI adapters: Ultrastor 14f Ultrastor 24f Ultrastor 34f
 uhci(4) -- USB Universal Host Controller driver
    The uhci driver provides support for USB Universal Host Controller Interface.
 uhid(4) -- USB generic HID support
    The uhid driver provides support for all HID (Human Interface Device) interfaces in USB devices that do not have a special driver. The device handles the following ioctl(2) calls: USB_GET_REPORT_ID (i...
 uhidev(4) -- USB Human Interface Device support
    The uhidev driver handles all Human Interface Devices. Each HID device can have several components, e.g., a keyboard and a mouse. These components use different report identifiers (a byte) to distingu...
 uhub(4) -- introduction to Universal Serial Bus support
    OpenBSD provides machine-independent bus support and drivers for Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. The OpenBSD usb driver has three layers (like scsi(4) and pcmcia(4)): the controller, the bus, and ...
 uk(4) -- SCSI user-level driver
    The uk driver provides support for a process to address devices on the SCSI bus for which there is no configured driver. A SCSI adapter must also be separately configured into the system before this d...
 ukbd(4) -- USB keyboard support
    The ukbd driver provides support for USB keyboards (i.e., HID devices with reports in usage page 7). Access to the keyboard is through the wskbd(4) driver.
 ukphy(4) -- generic/unknown IEEE 802.3u Ethernet PHY driver
    The ukphy driver supports the basic functionality of most Ethernet PHYs.
 ulpt(4) -- USB printer support
    The ulpt driver provides support for USB printers that follow the printer bi- or uni-directional protocol. The bits in the minor number select various features of the driver. Minor Bit Function 64 Do ...
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