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 re_format(7) -- POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions
    Regular expressions (``RE''s), as defined in POSIX 1003.2, come in two forms: modern REs (roughly those of egrep(1); 1003.2 calls these ``extended'' REs) and obsolete REs (roughly those of ed(1); ...
 securelevel(7) -- securelevel and its effects
    Securelevel provides convenient means of ``locking down'' a system to a degree suited to its environment. It is normally set at boot via the rc.securelevel(8) script, or the superuser may raise secu...
 symlink(7) -- symbolic link handling
    Symbolic links are files that act as pointers to other files. To understand their behavior, it is necessary to understand how hard links work. A hard link to a file is indistinguishable from the origi...
 term(7) -- conventions for naming terminal types
    The environment variable TERM should normally contain the type name of the terminal, console or display-device type you are using. This information is critical for all screen-oriented programs, includ...
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