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 mii(4) -- IEEE 802.3 Media Independent Interface
    Media Independent Interface is an IEEE standard serial bus for connecting MACs (network controllers) to PHYs (physical media interfaces). The mii layer allows network device drivers to share support c...
 mixer(4) -- device-independent audio driver layer
    The audio driver provides support for various audio peripherals. It provides a uniform programming interface layer above different underlying audio hardware drivers. The audio layer provides full-dupl...
 i386/mms(4) -- Microsoft-style bus mouse driver
    This driver provides an interface to a Microsoft-style bus mouse. Mouse related data are accessed by wsmouse(4) devices.
 hppa/mongoose(4) -- EISA Bus adapter
    Provides an interface from the CPU-memory bus to EISA and ISA devices. Two variations exist providing the same functionality based on Intel i82350 or Texas Instruments chips. Depending on the model th...
 mpt(4) -- LSI Fusion-MPT SCSI and FibreChannel host adapter driver
    The mpt driver provides support for the LSI Logic Fusion-MPT family of SCSI and Fibre Channel controllers: +o 53c1020 (Single Ultra320 SCSI) +o 53c1030 (Dual Ultra320 SCSI) +o FC909 (1Gb/s Fibre Chann...
 mpu(4) -- Roland/Yamaha MPU401 (and compatible) MIDI UART driver
    The mpu driver provides support for the Roland/Yamaha MPU401 (and compatible) MIDI UART cards. Access to the device is through the MIDI driver.
 vax/mscpbus(4) -- MSCP device bus
    The mscpbus system provides a uniform and modular system for the implementation of drivers to control various MSCP devices. When the system probes the MSCP bus, it attaches any devices it finds to the...
 vax/mt(4) -- TM78/ TU-78 MASSBUS magtape interface
    The TM78/ TU-78 combination provides a standard tape drive interface as described in mtio(4). Only 1600 and 6250 BPI are supported; the TU-78 runs at 125 IPS and autoloads tapes.
 vax/mtc(4) -- UNIBUS MSCP tape controller driver
    The mtc driver is for UNIBUS tape controllers that use MSCP. Among these controllers are: DEC KLESI-U UNIBUS ctlr DEC TK50 Q22 bus ctlr The mtc communicates with the host through a packet protocol kno...
 mtd(4) -- Myson Technology MTD800/MTD803/MTD891 Ethernet driver
    The mtd driver provides support for Myson MTD800/MTD803 Fast Ethernet and MTD891 Gigabit Ethernet chips. Supported models include: +o Safeway Lancard SW-10/100 PCI (model 117204) +o Surecom EP-320X-S
 mtdphy(4) -- Myson MTD972 10/100 Ethernet PHY driver
    The mtdphy driver supports the Myson MTD972 10/100 Ethernet PHYs. These PHYs are found on a variety of Ethernet interfaces.
 mtio(4) -- magtape interface
    This interface concerns devices which are typical tape block devices, see physio(9). The conventional device letters/numbers is applicable to any of the transport/controller pairs. (But note that only...
 i386/mtrr(4) -- driver for CPU memory range attributes
    The mtrr device provides access to the memory range attributes supported by the MTRRs on Pentiums. IOCTL INTERFACE    [Toc]    [Back] Several architectures allow attributes to be associated with range...
 vax/ncr(4) -- VAXstation 2000/3100 SCSI controller
    The ncr driver provides support for the NCR 5380-based SCSI host adapter on the VAXstation 2000 and VAXstation 3100 series machines.
 ncr(4) -- NCR/Symbios 53C8xx SCSI driver
    The ncr driver provides support for the NCR (now Symbios) 53C810, 53C815, 53C820, 53C825, 53C860, 53C875, 53C876, 53C885, 53C895, 53C896, 53C1510, and 53C1510D SCSI controller chips. ncr is deprecated...
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