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 iopsp(4) -- I2O SCSI port driver
    The iopsp driver provides support for I2O SCSI bus adapter ports and child peripherals. IOPs present each child peripheral attached to a bus adapter port as an individual device. In order to present t...
 ip(4) -- Internet Protocol
    IP is the network layer protocol used by the Internet protocol family. Options may be set at the IP level when using higher-level protocols that are based on IP (such as TCP and UDP). It may also be a...
 ip6(4) -- Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
    IPv6 is the network layer protocol used by the Internet protocol version 6 family (AF_INET6). Options may be set at the IPv6 level when using higher-level protocols that are based on IPv6 (such as TCP...
 ipcomp(4) -- IP Payload Compression Protocol
    IPComp is a protocol used to reduce the size of IP datagrams. It can be used to enhance the communication performance between a pair of hosts/gateways, especially on slow links, by compressing the dat...
 ipsec(4) -- IP Security Protocol
    IPsec is a pair of protocols, ESP (for Encapsulating Security Payload) and AH (for Authentication Header), which provide security services for IP datagrams. The original Internet Protocol - IPv4 - doe...
 alpha/irongate(4) -- API UP1000 AMD751 Core Logic + AGP Chipset
    The irongate driver provides support for the AMD751 Core Logic + AGP Chipset found on Alpha Processor, Inc.'s UP1000 systems.
 isa(4) -- introduction to ISA bus support
    The system includes a machine-independent ISA bus subsystem and several machine-independent ISA device drivers. Your system may support additional ISA devices. Drivers for ISA devices not listed here ...
 isapnp(4) -- introduction to ISA Plug-and-Play support
    An isapnp bus can be configured for each supported ISA bus. OpenBSD provides machine-independent bus support and drivers for ISA Plug-and-Play (isapnp) autoconfiguration of PnP-compatible devices on a...
 ises(4) -- Securealink PCC-ISES hardware crypto accelerator
    The ises driver supports cards containing the Securealink PCC-ISES chipset. The ises driver at the moment only provides strong random data to the random(4) subsystem.
 isp(4) -- Qlogic based SCSI or FibreChannel SCSI Host Adapters
    This driver provides access to a SCSI bus or a FibreChannel connected to Qlogic ISP1000 (SBus), ISP1020 (PCI), ISP1040(PCI), ISP1080(PCI), ISP12160(PCI) SCSI host adapters or ISP2100(PCI), ISP2200(PCI...
 it(4) -- ITE IT8705F, IT8712F and SiS SiS950 hardware monitors
    The it driver provides support for the IT8705F, IT8712F and SiS950 hardware monitors to be used with the sysctl(8) interface. Most supported devices possess 15 sensors: Sensor Units Typical Use Fan0 R...
 hp300/ite(4) -- HP Internal Terminal Emulator
    TTY special files of the form /dev/ttye? are interfaces to the HP ITE for bit-mapped displays as implemented under OpenBSD. An ITE is the main system console on most HP300 workstations and is the mech...
 i386/iy(4) -- Intel i82595 Ethernet driver
    The iy device driver supports the Ether-Express PRO/10 card, and might support other ISA cards using the same chip. Other models of Intel network cards are supported by the fxp(4) and ie(4) drivers. V...
 i386/joy(4) -- Games adapter driver
    This driver provides access to the games adapter. The lower bit in the minor device number selects the joystick: 0 is the first joystick and 1 is the second. The game control adapter allows up to two ...
 macppc/kauaiata(4) -- ATA100 HD controller on PCI bus
    The kauaiata device serves as a bridge to wdc_obio. The DBDMA based controller logic which was on the macobio(4) was copied and placed on the PCI bus. This driver adapts the PCI configuration data int...
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