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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     compat_bsdos - setup for running BSDI binaries under  emulation

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     OpenBSD  supports the execution of BSDI binaries; most binaries should
     work, at least from the BSDI 2.1 era.  Some things that  are
not currently
     supported  are  proprietary extensions made to the BSDI kernel.

     To activate the BSDI compatibility feature, the kernel  must
be compiled
     with   the   COMPAT_BSDOS  option  and  the  kern.emul.bsdos
sysctl(8) enabled.

     COMPAT_BSDOS  follows  the  standard   ``emul''   filesystem
scheme, using
     /emul/bsdos  as  the  prefix.  This means that all BSDI executables first
     look in /emul/bsdos whenever opening a  file;  configuration
     shared library images, etc., for BSDI binaries should all be
     under the emulation directory in order  to  avoid  conflicts
with native

     Although many commercial BSDI binaries are ``pure'' (in that
they need no
     shared libraries), system binaries and those compiled/linked
with the BSDI
 shlicc program require the appropriate shared library images.  These
     may be found in the /shlib directory on a BSDI  system,  and
must be copied
     to  /emul/bsdos/shlib  in  order  for such binaries to work.
The user is responsible
 for having the appropriate BSDI licenses in  order
to use the
     shared library images.

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     If  BSDI ever manages to port their system to more architectures or switch
     to real dynamically linked libraries these instructions  may
have to

     COMPAT_BSDOS is currently only supported on the i386.

OpenBSD      3.6                        September     2,     1997
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