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 ctermid(3) -- get controlling terminal name
    ctermid() returns a string which is the pathname for the current controlling terminal for this process. If s is NULL, a static buffer is used, otherwise s points to a buffer used to hold the terminal ...
 ctime(3) -- transform binary date and time to ASCII
    The ctime(), gmtime() and localtime() functions all take an argument of data type time_t which represents calendar time. When interpreted as an absolute time value, it represents the number of seconds...
 cutbuffer(3) -- Manipulate X cut buffer properties
    The cutbuffer command allows you to read or modify the eight X cut buffer properties. You can also rotate the buffers properties.
 daemon(3) -- run in the background
    The daemon() function is for programs wishing to detach themselves from the controlling terminal and run in the background as system daemons. Unless the argument nochdir is non-zero, daemon() changes ...
 dbopen(3) -- database access methods
    Dbopen is the library interface to database files. The supported file formats are btree, hashed and UNIX file oriented. The btree format is a representation of a sorted, balanced tree structure. The h...
 dcgettext(3) --
 dcngettext(3) --
 dgettext(3) --
 difftime(3) -- calculate time difference
    The difftime() function returns the number of seconds elapsed between time time1 and time time0. The two times are specified in calendar time, which represents the time elapsed since 00:00:00 on Janua...
 div(3) -- computes the quotient and remainder of integer division
    The div() function computes the value numer/denom and returns the quotient and remainder in a structure named div_t that contains two integer members named quot and rem.
 dlopen(3) -- Programming interface to dynamic linking loader.
    dlopen loads a dynamic library from the file named by the null terminated string filename and returns an opaque "handle" for the dynamic library. If filename is not an absolute path (i.e., it does n...
 dngettext(3) --
 dragdrop(3) -- facilities for handling drag&drop data transfers
    The drag&drop command provides access to a set of facilities for managing drag-and-drop data transfers. Any of the usual Tk widgets can be registered to participate in the drag-and-drop process. Widge...
 drand48(3) -- generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
    These functions generate pseudo-random numbers using the linear congruential algorithm and 48-bit integer arithmetic. The drand48() and erand48() functions return non-negative double-precision floatin...
 drem(3) -- floating-point remainder function
    The drem() function computes the remainder of dividing x by y. The return value is x - n * y, where n is the quotient of x / y, rounded to the nearest integer. If the quotient is 1/2, it is rounded to...
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