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 rsmtp(8) --
 run-parts(8) -- run scripts or programs in a directory
    run-parts runs a number of scripts or programs found in a single directory directory. Filenames should consist entirely of upper and lower case letters, digits, underscores, and hyphens. Subdirectorie...
 runlevel(8) -- find the current and previous system runlevel.
    Runlevel reads the system utmp file (typically /var/run/utmp) to locate the runlevel record, and then prints the previous and current system runlevel on its standard output, separated by a single spac...
 runq(8) --
 safe_finger(8) -- finger client wrapper that protects against nasty stuff from finger servers
    The safe_finger command protects against nasty stuff from finger servers. Use this program for automatic reverse finger probes from the tcp_wrapper (tcpd) , not the raw finger command. The safe_finger...
 savelog(8) -- save a log file
    The savelog command saves and optionally compresses old copies of files. Older versions of file are named: file. where is the version number, 0 being the newest. Vers...
 sendmail(8) --
 setkeycodes(8) -- load kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table entries
    The setkeycodes command reads its arguments two at a time, each pair of arguments consisting of a scancode (given in hexadecimal) and a keycode (given in decimal). For each such pair, it tells the ker...
 setsid(8) -- run a program in a new session
    setsid runs a program in a new session.
 sfdisk(8) -- Partition table manipulator for Linux
    sfdisk has four (main) uses: list the size of a partition, list the partitions on a device, check the partitions on a device, and - very dangerous - repartition a device. List Sizes    [Toc]    [Back]...
 shadowconfig(8) -- toggle shadow passwords on and off
    shadowconfig on will turn shadow passwords on; shadowconfig off will turn shadow passwords off. shadowconfig will print an error message and exit with a nonzero code if it finds anything awry. If that...
 shutdown(8) -- bring the system down
    shutdown brings the system down in a secure way. All logged-in users are notified that the system is going down, and login(1) is blocked. It is possible to shut the system down immediately or after a ...
 slattach(8) -- attach a network interface to a serial line
    Slattach is a tiny little program that can be used to put a normal terminal ("serial") line into one of several "network" modes, thus allowing you to use it for point-to-point links to other compu...
 start-stop-daemon(8) -- start and stop system daemon programs
    start-stop-daemon is used to control the creation and termination of system-level processes. Using the --exec, --pidfile, --user, and --name options, start-stop-daemon can be configured to find existi...
 sulogin(8) -- Single-user login
    sulogin is invoked by init(8) when the system goes into single user mode (this is done through an entry in inittab(5)). Init also tries to execute sulogin when it is passed the -b flag from the bootmo...
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