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 values(5) -- machine-dependent values
    This file contains a set of manifest constants, conditionally defined for particular processor architectures. The model assumed for integers is binary representation (one's or two's complement), where the sign is represented by the value of the high-order bit. BITS(type) The number of bits in a specified type (e.g., int). HIBITS The value of a short integer with only the high-order bit set (in most implementations, 0x8000). HIBITL The value of a long integer with only the high-order bit set (i...
 varargs(5) -- variable argument list
    This set of macros provides a means of writing portable procedures that accept variable argument lists. Routines having variable argument lists (such as printf(3)) that do not use varargs are inherently nonportable, since different machines use different argument passing conventions. PLEASE NOTE: varargs is being supplanted by stdarg(5). Users should reference that man page for the recommended method of passing variable argument lists. va_alist is used in a function header to declare a variable ...
 wstat(5) -- wait status
    When a process waits for status from its children via either the wait or waitpid function, the status returned may be evaluated with the following macros, defined in sys/wait.h. These macros evaluate to integral expressions. The stat argument to these macros is the integer value returned from wait or waitpid. WIFEXITED(stat) Evaluates to a non-zero value if status was ...
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