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 imon(7) -- inode monitor device
    The inode monitor driver is a pseudo device driver which enables a user level program to monitor filesystem activity on a file by file basis. The application program expresses interest in specific files by means of an ioctl request that specifies the pathname of the file and an indication of what types of events are to be monitored. As various actions take place on a file in which interest has been expressed, imon posts events through a queue that may be read via the read system call....
 imp(7) -- driver for IMP wireless presentation mouse
    IMPr is a wireless hand-held multimedia computer control device for use when giving presentations. IMP consists of a compact, battery-powered remote infra-red transmitter and a receiver that connects to the computer's serial port. With its unique force-sensitive Control Disc, IMP provides all the functions of a traditional mouse or trackball. IMP has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $199. For sales or additional information, contact: Jack Copper ArcanaTech 120 South Whitfield Street ...
 inet(7) -- Internet protocol family
    The Internet protocol family is a collection of protocols layered atop the Internet Protocol (IP) transport layer, and utilizing the Internet address format. The Internet family provides protocol support for the SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM, and SOCK_RAW socket types; the SOCK_RAW interface provides access to the IP protocol.
 input(7) -- input devices
    The calcomp tablet uses a streams module named "calcomp" but reports an X name of "tablet". The Drawing Pad II is 7" by 7" and has a resolution of 1000 points per inch. To scale raw tablet events to screen coordinates (1280x1024) we create /usr/lib/X11/input/config/tablet (name of X device) with the contents: x_init { scalewhich "none" scalex "914/5000" scaley "914/5000" scale0 "914/5000" scale1 "914/5000" } To make the calcomp tablet control the cursor automatically, we would ad...
 intro(7) -- introduction to special files
    MAKEDEV(1M), fx(1M), hinv(1M), mt(1), prtvtoc(1M).
 ip(7) -- Internet Protocol
    IP is the network layer protocol used by the Internet protocol family. Options may be set at the IP level when using higher-level protocols that are based on IP (such as TCP and UDP). It may also be accessed through a "raw socket" when developing new protocols, or special purpose applications. There are several IP-level setsockopt(2)/getsockopt(2) options. IP_OPTIONS may be used to provide IP header options to be transmitted in each outgoing packet or to examine the header options on incoming ...
 ipx(7) -- IPX Streams Multiplexor Driver
    dlpi(7), ipxlink(1), ml(1M), snetd(1M)
 isdn(7) -- Integrated Services Digital Network
    isdnd(1m), isdnstat(1m), ISDN User's Guide PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111
 jag(7) -- obsolete VME-SCSI disk driver
    dksc(7M). PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111
 kbd(7) -- generalized string translation module
    /usr/lib/kbd - directory containing system standard table files. /usr/lib/kbd/*.map - source for some system table files.
 keyboard(7) -- keyboard specifications
    Indy, Indigo2, O2, OCTANE and Onyx2 use a PS/2 style keyboard (detailed in pckeyboard(7)) that uses a different scan code set. This difference may break compatibility for some programs that operate with raw scan codes.
 klog(7) -- kernel error logging interface
    /dev/klog special file
 ldap(7) -- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Client)
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a specification for a client-server protocol to retrieve and manage directory information. Originally intended as a means for clients on lightweight workstations to access X.500 directories, it can be used with any directory system which follows the X.500 data model. The libns_ldap.so shared library contains routines to contact a remote LDAP server daemon, fetch information, and format it so that it is available to local name service routines. This...
 llc2(7) -- DLPI multiplexor-driver
    dlpi(7) PPPPaaaaggggeeee 1111
 log(7) -- interface to STREAMS error logging and event tracing
    Example of I_ERRLOG notification. struct strioctl ioc; ioc.ic_cmd = I_ERRLOG; ioc.ic_timout = 0; /* default timeout (15 secs.) */ ioc.ic_len = 0; ioc.ic_dp = NULL; ...
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