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acbuf(3G)							     acbuf(3G)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     acbuf - operate on	the accumulation buffer

C SPECIFICATION    [Toc]    [Back]

     void acbuf(op, value)
     long op;
     float value;

PARAMETERS    [Toc]    [Back]

     op	     expects one of six	symbolic constants:

	     AC_CLEAR: The red,	green, blue, and alpha accumulation buffer
	     contents are all set to value (rounded to the nearest integer).
	     value is clamped to the range of the accumulation buffer.

	     AC_ACCUMULATE: Pixels are taken from the current readsource bank
	     (front, back, or zbuffer).	 If this buffer	has color component
	     resolutions of other than 8 bits, the components are rescaled to
	     the range [0,255].	 Then the red, green, blue, and	alpha
	     components	are each scaled	by value.  The resulting pixels	are
	     added to the pixels already present in the	accumulation buffer.
	     The range of value	is -256	through	256.  Arguments	outside	this
	     range are clamped to it.  Accumulated values are NOT clamped to
	     the range of the accumulation buffer.  Thus overflow is avoided
	     only by limiting the range	of accumulation	operations.

	     AC_CLEAR_ACCUMULATE: An efficient combination command whose
	     effect is to first	clear the accumulation buffer contents to
	     zero, then	add as per AC_ACCUMULATE.  Ranges and clamping are as
	     per AC_ACCUMULATE.

	     AC_RETURN:	Pixels are taken from the accumulation buffer.	Their
	     red, green, blue, and alpha components are	each scaled by value,
	     then clamped to the range [0,255].	 The resulting 8 bit per
	     component pixels are then scaled to the range of the currently
	     enabled drawing buffers (front, back, or zbuffer) and written to
	     these buffers.  All special pixel operations (zbuffer,
	     blendfunction, logicop, stencil, texture mapping, etc.) are
	     ignored during this transfer.  Destination	values are simply
	     replaced.	The operation is limited by the	current	viewport and
	     screenmask, however.  The range of	value is 0.0 through 1.0.
	     Arguments outside this range are clamped to it.

	     AC_MULT: The red, green, blue, and	alpha components of each
	     accumulation buffer pixel are scaled by value.

	     AC_ADD: value is added to each red, green,	blue, and alpha
	     component of each pixel in	the accumulation buffer.

     value   expects a float point value.  op determines how value is used.

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acbuf(3G)							     acbuf(3G)

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The accumulation buffer is	a bank of high resolution pixels, typically 12
     or	more bits for each of red, green, blue,	and alpha, that	is mapped 1-
     to-1 with screen pixels.  (See acsize.)  Pixel images stored in the
     normal framebuffer	can be added to	the accumulation buffer.  These	pixels
     are scaled	during the transfer by a floating-point	value (of limited
     range and resolution).  Later, the	accumulated image can be returned to
     the normal	frame buffer, again while being	scaled.

     Effects such as antialiasing (of points, lines, and polygons), motionblur,
 and depth-of-field can be created by	accumulating images generated
     with different transformation matrixes.  Predictable effects are possible
     only when subpixel	mode is	TRUE (see subpixel).

     readsource	mode is	shared with other pixel	read operations, including
     lrectread and rectcopy.  rectzoom,	however, has no	effect on accumulation

     All accumulation buffer operations	are limited to the area	of the current
     screenmask, which itself is limited to the	current	viewport.

     The accumulation buffer is	a part of the normal framebuffer.  acbuf
     should be called only while draw mode is NORMALDRAW, and while the	normal
     framebuffer is in RGB mode.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     acsize, drawmode, subpixel, scrmask

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     An	error is reported, and no action is taken, if accumulate is called
     while acsize is zero.

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